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TenInchBPELGoalz' Jelqing and BPEL Maximisation Journal

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  • TenInchBPELGoalz' Jelqing and BPEL Maximisation Journal

    Thurs 13/10/2021
    Day 1 of new PE Kick

    Hi all,

    A little background on me:

    Age: 31
    Current BPEL: 8.46" (or 21.5cm if you're in Australia like me)
    Smoker: Yes, but cutting down
    Drinker: Yes, but quitting altogether

    I realise that an 8.46" BPEL would probably be a bit more pronounced if I didn't drink or smoke, seeing as these things can be vasoconstrictive. That said I'm cutting down on both of them.

    Today's a jelqing day.

    My routine (every 2nd day) is as follows:
    1. Masturbation warm up with ejaculation (medium grip) - this allows for enhanced circulation, preceding jelqing, and completely obliterates the chances of an erection occurring during jelqing, which i.m.e., is not productive.
    2. O-Grip thumb-to-index finger jelqing - 150 reps on each hand, alternating 20 or so reps a time on each hand. I try to only use a little moisturiser while jelqing to maximise friction and concurrently, fine muscle growth on the penis. I've noticed that if too much moisturiser is used, the hands tend to 'slide' along the shaft, rather than creating constructive friction with a view to length and width enhancement.
    3. Hot-to-touch water cooldown - wipe off moisturiser with hot soapy water (anti-bacterial soap) and put on fresh underwear to minimize bacteria and create a health breathing environment. Note that while I do enjoy wearing tighter fitting underwear, I have noticed that wearing boxers allows my genitals to 'breathe' better.

    Other things I've noticed which may add a little extra size (though perhaps not as much as genuine jelqing):
    1. Staying hydrated (body and muscles are constituted largely of water)
    2. Ample carbohydrates (to enhance muscle glycogen sizing in the genitals)
    3. Getting fresh air (open up a few windows and doors if weather is not too cold) - to enhance blood oxygenation and circulation
    4. And yeah, I'm cutting down on smoking and drinking - though my quit journeys for these two things are another topic all together.

    Thanks for reading my first post! I will try to update daily, though perhaps with not such a detailed entry, or at the very least E2D.

    Ciao, for now, stay pumped!

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    So, this morning was a jelqing morning, and it went exceptionally well. Masturbation warm up, 150 jelqs, and anti-bacterial soap wash off. I haven't measured my BPEL today though if it were just a few millimetres more than the last time I jelqed then I'd be happy. I am really trying to focus on the four other dot point which I elucidated in my original post though... quitting smoking for me would be a dream come true! and no-drinking on top of that would be a double whammy - my circulation would improve, I would feel better, and my erections would be harder.

    I'm willing to take this far. I don't just want to be big - I want to be 'pornstar' big!!

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

    Edit* - 150 jelqs per hand - so, 300 in total
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