I'm not sure if it's just what I'm doing or what? Recently, while I was at a local bar I had to urinate really bad. So at this point I'm fairly buzzed and while peeing I have this Idea to pull my cock as far out forward as I can, while urinating( I grip right below my penis gland with the "OK" grip and pull, but gripped enough for urine will still pass). Well ever since that night a couple of weeks ago, every time I have to urinate I do this routine. Also after I am finished urinating I still have my cock pulled out and pull it down, to the right, to the left and up. Now that a couple of weeks have passed I have noticed that my flaccid state has changed. I am now going to keep record of whether or not this is just me wanting to believe it, or if this is a new break through routine for me. I will keep you guys posted. Normally in my flaccid state my penis is in much of a "grower" state of representation, so to speak. I'm not sure if the urine is another way of warming up the inter-workings of my shaft that will allow it to relax with the warmth or what. But, so far so good I believe. PEGYM has me on another level of thinking about my cock, THANK YOU PE!