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  • Giving it a shot

    I've researched this a few times in the past couple years but never decided to try it. I guess because I am fairly satisfied with my size although I dont consider myself huge or anything and physically I am a small skinny guy 5'8 125. No girl has ever complained and I have gotten ego boosting comments from most partners.

    Yesterday was day one, im going to try the jp 90 rountine probaly 2 on 1 off. I've also ordered a stretcher that I will be trying at the same time starting in a few weeks.

    I'm starting at

    Feb 7th/12

    BPEL 6 3/4"
    MEG 5 1/2"

    10 months

    BPEL 8" (+1 1/4)
    MEG 5 5/8" (+1/8)
    BEG 6"

    Goal : 7.5 x 5.75

    Possible Future Goal: 8 x 6

    I will be updating my progress here periodically.

    Although I dont think anyone would say no to having a bigger penis, my reason for the timing of finally trying it now is that I wont be seeing my fiance for probaly atleast 6months. Her being surprised or noticing a difference would be a great boost and reward for the effort. EQ is also something I want to improve.
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    Why not do the full 90 day workout before you getting devices and things. That is a very good way to hurt yourself.
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      I thought about that as well but the stretcher I ordered is not a traditional stretcher and seems more on the safe side. Puts no pressure on the glands, does not impede blood circulation and can be worn at night. Also claims to be comfortable and have no risk of injury even if worn 10+ hrs a day.
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        No need to rush with using devices mate, do what CUSP said and complete the JP90 then see how conditioned you are and what you want to do. If you try and rush things you will get injured bro.
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        1/4/2012 (BPEL 7.0 x EG 5.7) NOW!

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          Okay I will try to delay my start of using the stretcher. It will be hard though since I already spent alot of $ on it to get what looked to me to be the best and safest one. I havent received it yet as its still in the mail. Its the phallosan btw...Penis enlargement and straightening at Peyronie's Disease (IPP) - PHALLOSAN®. Seems like a safer design to me than the rest and far more comfortable. All the others seem to be some sort of torture rack for your penis. I'm not willing to put myself through that to gain a little size.
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            Nothing is safe unless you're properly conditioned. Please don't be in any rush. A year from now you'll thank us.
            The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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              Hmmmm... so i measured a few minutes after completing my routine today. First time I've seen a full 7" on a ruler. Its still to early to tell but that makes me optimistic.
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                I second what CUSP said about going for a beginner routine before using devices, in 6 months I think you'll have made more than enough gains to impress her. What you don't want is to have injured yourself just in time to see her again.

                Slow and steady man, you're already big so there's no rush.


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                  I'm going to wait awhile before I measure agian but I've already gained about a 1/8th of an inch. Not from PE but I just realized the measurements on the ruler I always use start about a 1/8th of a inch from the rulers edge lol. I will just keep using the same ruler for consistency WITHOUT adding on the 1/8". This is seperate from the differences I noted earlier..
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                    Two weeks in and EQ is definitley the biggest difference. I didnt have trouble getting really hard before but what I thought was a 10 was really not. Sometimes I can get so hard now that the pressure almost makes my cock sore. I have some small gains already and think EQ is definitly responsible. I hope I will be able to continue with some real gains in the future.
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                      A little update. Been doing the jp90 2 on 1 off like I planned and havent missed a day yet with the exception of moving up a rest day in my first week as a result of getting carried away with my grip after a few sessions. I still seem to have a higher EQ than when I started and veins in my penis are becomming more visible. My flacid hang looks to have increased. Judging by looks I think the overall girth of my penis has increased as the shape seems to look more consistant now, although I think the MEG remains unchanged at 5 1/2". I will be taking actual measurements at the 1 month mark in about a week and a half.
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                        I'm looking forward to be able to take my first official progress measurements. So tomorrow's a rest day, then 2 days on and then I will be measuring sometime in the morning on the next rest day. That will be 1 month and 1 day since I started. I am expecting that I will just see the same 1/8"-1/4" EQ gain I noticed at the beginning of the routine and the same 5.5 MEG I had when I started.
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                          Today is the 1 month mark. Did my routine this morning and measured a few times between the afternoon and just now. I'm happy to report I measured at least 7" everytime, 7 1/8" a few times and even up to 7 1/4" once just now when I was edging at max EQ. I also measured girth but just once, and was at the same 5.5"... although this was not taken the time I saw 7 1/4" in length. I'm thoroughly impressed with my results so far. I want to be conservative in my measurements and since I saw atleast 7" in each measurement that is what I will record as my 1 month measurement.

                          March 7th 2012

                          BPEL 7" (+.25)
                          MEG 5.5"

                          Its nice to officially be a full 7" now. Thinking that all I have to do is average a gain of a 1/16th of a inch per month for the rest of the year to reach my goal is very encouraging. Between the .25" extra I saw just now and the 1/8th of a inch at the end of my ruler that I dont include, its a great feeling to think I can optimistically measure myself at 7 3/8" already.

                          I will measure agian in two weeks and wouldnt be surprised if I saw the 7 1/4" measurement consistently.

                          Btw I'm still doing jp90 and tweaked the stretching part recently. Same stretches, just 5 directions instead of jp's 3. Have had nothing but postive pis and high EQ so far.
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                            Based off memory I believe I may have gained 1/4" base girth. I cant confirm this as I only recorded MEG but I remember measuring BEG once before and remember it being about 1/4" less than what it is now and I noted in a earlier post how my erection looks fuller now.
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                              You know. I ain't even going comment because dude's mind is set to go all out regardless if he gets injured or not, and when he comes back with a new post "Penis injury need help", I am not even going to comment there either.
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