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JP90 - Attempt #2 ... Here's hoping

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  • JP90 - Attempt #2 ... Here's hoping

    Hey guys. I have attempted the JP90 program before. It's been over a year now since I last did it I think. I made it through something like 30 days before I lost the slot of time I had available and shortly thereafter the motivation to try to work it in somewhere else. Wife, work, etc. you know the routine. It was hard.

    I'm not 100% sure that I made any gains the first time around because I can't find my old spreadsheet. I should have used the forum back then... But measuring now, I believe I may have picked up a quarter inch in EL or so based on what I'm remembering. What I do remember for sure was better erections and orgasms.

    I think I'm in a position to hopefully get on the program and stick to it.

    I'm now about 5 days in. Here's a recap of the first couple days.

    4/27/12: Day 1: Measurements
    Weight: ~200 lbs.
    NBPFL: 3 3/4"
    MFG (Mid): 4 1/8"

    NBPEL: 5 3/8"
    MEG (Mid): 5 5/16"

    BPEL: 6 5/8"
    Width from Top: 1 7/8
    Depth from Side: 1 1/2 (Tough to read this one)

    Short term goal:
    NBPFL: 4.5"
    NBPEL: 6"
    MEG: 5 1/2"

    NBPFL: 3 3/4"
    MFG (Mid): 4 1/4"

    NBPEL: 5 1/2"
    MEG (Mid): 5 1/2"

    I read over JP's routine early in the day but couldn't remember it. So I did some stuff I remembered. I know to take it slow starting off.
    (Forgot Warmup!)
    About 1/2 the Stretches I was supposed to do
    About 50 jelqs ... it was a little uncomfortable so I stopped...gotta get back in that rhythm and make sure to warm up better

    4/29/12: Day 2 Warmed up; Stretched/kegels; abt 100 jelqs; 30 v-jelqs; Warmed down
    4/30/12: Day 3 Warmed up; Stretched/kegels; abt 100 jelqs; 30 v-jelqs; Warmed down

    Warm up & Down will be assumed from here on out unless otherwise stated.

    5/2/12: Day 4; Full range of stretches; 110 jelqs; 60 v-jelqs
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    5/3/12: Stretches only

    5/5/12: Stretches only; The hour that I thought I had turned into 20 mins...bummer
    - Shot a load about 12 inches which is something I hadn't done in a while.

    5/6/12: Finally finished my first full set; Stretches, 150 jelqs, 90 v-jelqs
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      5/7/12: Full set: Noticed some red spots on the tip especially while v-jelqing. Remember this happening the first go round. Tomorrow's a day off so will see how it's going then.


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        5/8/12: Rest; Red spots are gone

        5/9/12: Full set

        5/10/12: Full set; Masturbated at end


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          5/11/12: Adjusted routine to a timed set. 5 min jelq, 3 min v-jelq, for 3 sets. Did a full routine and took abt 50 mins including warm up/down and stretches.

          5/12/12: Rest

          Around this time, noticed a "lump" while stretching at the top of the left testicle. I can't see it or feel it at all most of the time. But after warming up while stretching, it's noticeable. It is soft and moves around a bit when I press on it. Will keep a close eye on it for changes. May go to the doctor just to be sure.
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            5/13/12: Unintentional Rest day. Mother's day. Just did not have any time.

            5/14/12: Full set. 5/3 5/3 5/3. Edged once.


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              5/15/12: Shortened set but did most of it. 5/3 5/3 5

              5/16/12: Rest. Attempted to edge but couldn't hold it back.


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                5/17/12: Full set.

                5/18/12: Ran out of time. Planned on doing full set.

                5/19/12: Saturday. Full day, no time...birthdays.

                5/20/12: Same deal as Saturday


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                  5/21/12: Full set 5/3 5/3 5/3

                  5/22/12: Nearly full set. 5/3 5/3 5...started the last v-jelq but noticed what appeared to be bruising on the tip so stopped.

                  5/23/12: Everything looks fine. Did a shortened set due to time constraints. 5/3 5/3. Edged a couple times.


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                    5/24/12: Rest day.

                    5/25/12: Full set

                    5/26 - 5/29/12: Memorial day weekend...just couldn't find the time!

                    5/30/12: Full stretches; 20 minutes jelq

                    5/31 - 6/4/12: Concerned with the lump thing going on. Did set of stretches w/o jelqing on 6/2. Scheduled urologist appointment. Originally scheduled on 6/20, got a call on 6/4 that appt opened up on 6/6. Will be updating after that.


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                      6/6/12: Visited urologist. Diagnosed as epididymitis. The lump is actually almost gone. Going to give it a few more days to make sure the body has fought the infection off before beginning PE again.