Last night I began JP90 in earnest. I have fiddled around trying to learn exercises the last several days thinking I should know what I am doing before forging into JP90. My lesson learned last night is that it will take practice to gain consistency.

I do not have a full set of measurements yet. I will try to do that this weekend. My time is very limited, so last night I only took one measurement, just after warming up. My BPFSL is 5 7/8 inches. (bone press flaccid stretch length, that is the correct abbrev., right?) I only did this one measurement because I didn't want to get completely erect prior to start the exercises. My unconfirmed BPEL is 5.5 inches ... that was from a while ago.

When is the best time to measure? I am thinking it should be on an off day, but my initial measurements can be at any time in the next couple of days, as training is just starting.

My short term goal is going to be based off my actual initial measurements, but I am thinking it would be 6.25 to 6.5 inches. I am going to have an intermediary goal of 7.25 inches and a long term goal of 8 inches. That last one seems so far away. Is it realistic to have a time associated with a goal? Such as at the end of JP90 will be the time for the short term goal.

I haven't mentioned anything about girth, as length is my primary consideration. My unconfirmed EG is just under 5.5 inches. I think a long term goal of 6 inches is very realistic. I did notice while doing my exercises last night that I was getting very thick, and a few times I was having difficulty making a full ok-grip while wet jelqing. About 20% of the time it was difficult to get my finger and thumb to touch with any firmness. (small hands). This occurred about an inch from the base of my penis.

So I will end this journal entry with how I felt this morning. I did not have morning wood, but I could feel my boy and see him hang in the bathroom mirror. There was no turtling and he seemed to be a little fuller than normal.

In my next journal entry, I will get measurements and pictures. I will also provide a list of vitamins and supplements that I have been taking for that last month. I'd be very interested in hearing any advice.