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  • Donjelqer76's 2012 hanging progress

    Here is a quick primer:
    I started PE in late October 2011 and did a very thorough manual routine as well as 10 hours per day of extending for 90 days straight. I then took a month off, and did another couple of months with a lighter manual routine and dropped down to 6-8 hours per day extending. I started getting serious with hanging in early April using a Bib Starter. My gains so far (8 months in with 1500 hours extending) are a little over 1.1" in length and 0.5" in girth. My goals are for another inch in length and another half inch in girth...

    I'm currently hanging 20 lbs very comfortably, and often go up to 27.5 lbs for short bursts (5-10 minutes). I recently bought a Bib Hardcore hanger because of all of the good things I have heard about it and have been trying to get some time with it and get the settings dialed in just right. Here is a copy and paste from another thread that explains my first experience with the hardcore:

    My Hardcore arrived today - I wanted to post here to share my results.

    As some may know, I'm a bib starter user and have been doing very well with my starter - comfortably hanging 20 lbs for long sessions, and I also do short durations (about 5 minutes or so) of 25-27.5 lbs (though not quite as comfortably). I wanted to upgrade to the hardcore after seeing so many rave reviews on it. Today I got to spend about 30 minutes with the hardcore (today is technically a day off for me, so this was mainly just to test for fit and get an idea how the attachment point feels at various weights compared to my starter.

    Unfortunately for me, the early indications with the hardcore aren't nearly what I was hoping for. Yes, 30 minutes is too little time to say for sure and I'll surely be working at trying to find settings that work for me at least for a few weeks - but here is where I'm at so far with it:
    Firstly, I wear my bib starter in a way that I haven't seen anyone else wear it - shaft high in the well, 1/4"-1/2" behind the glans, and thebottom closed more than the top. I've had a pretty easy time hanging pretty heavy weight this way in relative comfort. Only since working into the 25+ lb. range has comfort become an issue. Now with the hardcore, I tried to start fresh with no preconceived notions, and followed malehanger's excellent thread on how he attaches his hardcore. Unfortunately, it simply doesn't work for me. My erect girth is a very solid 5.3" - but I'm one of the most extreme "growers" that I've ever heard of, so my erect girth doesn't apply the same as many others. With my bottom settings at 6 threads as suggested, I get a lot of slippage at even 15 lbs - this is with the top wing nut tightened 100% and the top teeth completely meshed. Even though my erect girth is decent and well in the range of advertised girth for the hardcore, my flaccid girth simply isn't enough.

    Not all hope is lost though - after experimenting quite a bit, I tried wearing the hardcore like I do my starter - with the shaft high in the well. For it to work for me, my bottom adjustment is 0 threads (thats right, zero threads - nuts all the way to the bottom).. I was able to hang 25 lbs. fairly well at 0 threads bottom, and the top wing nut run almost all the way in (it looked like about 1/8" extra room at the top, so I wasn't quite meshed at the top which is good). I would rate the comfort about the same as the starter in this test, but it at least gave me a bit of hope that with a little more experimentation I may be able to dial in settings that work for me.

    I will note one things: Though I followed malehanger's thread pretty closely trying to get a fresh start, I still used the old style wrapping technique of spiraling a 1.5" x 18" strip of sweatshirt material as my wrap (this has always been my wrap for the starter, and I've never used an overwrap of any kind<such as theraband>). I do plan on trying again with malehanger's wrapping technique once I get the materials - but my hopes are still low as the thickness of the wrapping will be pretty close to identical, and my lack of flaccid girth is still going to be a hinderance regardless.

    Another thing I didn't expect: Most people I've read about complained about their penis twisting off-center with the bib starter, and not having this problem with the hardcore. This is opposite for me - I never ever have alignment problems with the starter, but it took dozens of attempts with the hardcore to keep my penis aligned correctly in it. Some of this may be growing pains in learing to use a new piece of equipment and of course I will give it some good time to see if there is a learning curve to this hanger.

    One last thing for me.. I hang for long sets, I swing the weights around between my legs and use a very nice amount of weight. I simply can't make my ligs sore. Only after starting to hit 27.5 lbs have I even got a little bit of soreness in the tunica. My BPFSL and BPEL are always exactly the same - and according to the TCG threory, my tunica is my limiting factor (if I remember right). Because of my unusual response to hanging, I have been working on my own technique to finally get some fatigue. After a bit more testing to see how I respond to it, hopefully I can add to the knowlege base here with another useful hanging technique.

    Wish me luck in my experimentation with the hardcore!
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    Today I woke up at 3:30 AM to try to get some more experimentation time in before work. Again, this is technically a day off for me.

    Again, unfortunately I didn't fair so weill with the hardcore once again. I simply can't tighten it enough to get a decent grip on my internals. It works fine for light weight, but 15 lbs and over it turns into a very painful skin stretching session! I took a quick picture which illustrates the problem quite well:
    Here you can see my Starter on the right. The picture doesn't show it very well, but the bottom of the well is just a bit narrower than the top. I have the wingnut adjusted to about where it is while I'm hanging heavy 25+ lb wights. Its amazing to think that I squeeze my penis this narrow while hanging - and quite comfortably!

    On the left you can see the Hardcore. At the time this was taken, I had the bottom nuts adjusted to 2 threads, and the top completely closed and meshed. As you can see, the gap in the well is much wider, and there isn't the same taper from the bottom of the well to the top that works so well for me with the starter. Another point is that there is no adjustment left with the hardcore in this picture, yet I have plenty of adjustment left with the starter.

    After 20 minutes of fumbling with the hardcore testing this morning (with terrible results and a lot of retries because of my penis twisting in the well), i did my last 10 minutes with the starter and was reminded just how comfortable this hanger is - I easily hung 25 lbs. for this last 10 minutes.

    I'll be trying more later when I get home from work... Looks like I may be selling my hardcore here soon if someone is looking for a good deal...
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      Other than what I have already suggested, I'm not sure what else to tell you. Despite how much of a "grower" you are flaccid to erect, your amount of penis tissue does not change. Therefor, my suggestions should still work. You still have the same volume of penis tissue as any other many with the same girth. Please do, when you get your Ace or Self Grip wrapping material re-try wrapping as I suggest, rather than spiraling and expecting that to work with the hardcore.


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        the problem isn't penile volume. Some are less resistant to external forces like mine. I have seen a research paper where they talk about "meat penis" and "blood penis" as different types of penis. A meat penis has a lot of tissue in the CC which defines its shape. A blood penis has comparably little solid tissue and its shape shapes mostly defined by blood contained in the CC. A meat penis and a blood penis can have the same volume, but react very differently.

        Now imagine taking two condoms.. fill one with hamburger and the other with water so that they are the same volume. Then imagine attaching a hanger to each one and hanging weight from them and you'll begin to understand why it doesn't work the same for me
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          Again, you have yet to apply my suggestions with the wrap materials I suggest. Why not wait until you can then see how things work?


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            again, I plan to. My next day off isn't until Friday and I work 12 hour shifts, so may be a few days until I can get materials.
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              Hey DJ don't give up on the hardcore so quick!

              I have a question about how far down you're placing yourself in the well. That could be causing your problems. For guys with a lot of girth they place themselves all the way down. If you have less girth you shouldn't do that because it causes slippage (for me) I explained this to Steve23 in a private message. I hope he doesn't mind me posting it. Here's what I told him.

              Originally posted by Steve23
              Originally posted by bored
              "I also place my penis completely down onto the bottom teeth of the hanger as you can see in the second picture."

              He does this, I think, because with 6" EG he has a lot more depth to his penis and it needs that extra room. For me, at 4.5" EG I wouldn't place it that far down because it would cause slippage. Of course, each guy has their own preference. For a guy at 5" he might place his near the bottom but not completely touching it. Something like that.

              Oh ok, I was thinking when he stated down I thought the whole hanger closer to the glans, not further down inside the hanger itself.
              I guess I'll figure than all out when the time comes.
              The bib is essentially a vise. If you were to set something in the bottom well of a vise you wouldn't be able to squeeze on it. That space is only there so you can fit larger things in if needed.

              F_Series_Vises_3C.jpg Know what I mean?
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                Yes, I also tend to wear my hanger towards the top for this same reason. Additionally, this places the pivot point (where the straps connect to the body of the hanger) below the centerline of the penis, causing it to bend upwards a bit which also helps with the grip.

                I emailed bib directly to see if he had any recommendations. The problem for me is that even fully tightened, the gap in the well is still almost double that of my actual gap used to hang on the starter. I still haven't completely given up yet though. It's not a pressing situation anyways at this point, I'm still hanging comfortably with my starter for now while I experiment
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                  I heard back from Bigger and got some suggestions. I can get the hanger to close tighter by filling down the meshing teeth so that it closes more. I'll likely be trying this soon, but first on my list is to try the alternate wrapping method
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                    Yea I'd also go with the other wrapping method first. No permanent alterations to the hanger.


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                      My thoughts exactly, modifying the hanger is a last resort- but better than having no options at all
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                        Today was a really good day. I started out by dedicating 15 minutes of experimentation with the hardcore - I won't have my new wrapping materials until tomorrow but still wanted to experiment a little. Still no luck here - I might have gotten 2 minutes of actual hang time during this 15 minutes, and only at 10 lbs.

                        My last 45 minutes were spent with the starter. I've been experimenting with a new hanging routine/technique and I was pretty aggressive with it today. I hit some really pronounced fatigue in my tunica today (still no fatigue in the ligs - I think they are at their full potential - at least the suspensory ligament anyways). I hit 15 minutes today at 27.5 lbs (in 3 separate 5-minute bursts) with the remaining time spent between 20-22.5 lbs. I've done this my last several times hanging - start off extra heavy for a short burst to get the fatigue started, then drop down in weight to ride the fatigue out. Its the first that I've been remarkably sore the next day after hanging, so I'm going to stick with it for a while. I really think I could have done the same with 30 lbs. today if I had it - looks like its time to get another 10 lb. plate soon.

                        I'm also finding that I am getting used to the pressure points with the heavier weights - 20+ lbs is becoming much more bearable now with my starter (its never been a slippage issue or not having enough bite). I may find in the end that I'll be fine without the hardcore after all!
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                          So you felt soreness and fatigue in the tunica? What's that feel like?


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                            I guess it's hard to explain... I can feel the soreness in the tunica when I kiegel (I first noticed it while peeing, stopping the urine flow). The soreness isn't present all the time, but if I look for it, it's there (if that makes sense).

                            As far as fatigue, I guess I've just learned to detect it. It's kind of like a fatigued muscle. I can feel it most pronounced while rocking the weights side to side while hanging.

                            I guess I can't explain it very well, but I'm sure enjoying it.
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                              I'm breaking up my hanging today into 2 30-minute sessions. I just finished my first session this morning.

                              I hung at my 20 lb. baseline weight and overloaded to 27.5 lbs for about 15 minutes of the hanging session. I'm a little sore from yesterday, but not too bad at all. I think its about time to move my baseline weight up to 22.5 lbs, and look at getting another 10 lb. plate so that I can overload up to 30 lbs.

                              I'm going to do some shopping later today to look for supplied to try Malehanger's wrapping technique. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to give it a try, and experiment some more with the Hardcore hanger.


                              Just finished my 2nd 30 minute set. I didn't feel it so much earlier, but my tunica is nice and sore! I had to back off to 15 lbs four the last 10 minutes and I couldn't overload very long to 27.5, so I'd try to hold that for a minute or so then back off to 25 for the rest of the overload. All in all its been a pretty good day!
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