Hey guys new here it's my first post. Been visiting this forum since around last year and i experimented with jelqing and the 90 day routine awhile back. I never measured too much to see my results or did it very consistently but remember after a couple days it seemed to have grown flaccid by a noticeable amount in length and a little during erection. That and the results from you guys influenced me to try again.

Now I'm returning and I wanna start a detailed log to see my gains. I have measurement tape and not a ruler right now and I can't really seem to measure it accurately. I don't know why but whenever I go to measure my penis my erection gets ruined pretty fast so im not measuring it on its full potential. My penis is around 6.4inches in length give or take, I will do a much more accurate post considering BPEL and the other stats once I go and buy a ruler. (If anyone could give me easy instructions on how to properly measure that would be awesome)

My routine is a hot bath with hot water for 10-15 minutes (wondering how hot water should be) which im considering changing to a rice bag, and then I began with some light Helicopter stretches and then do some jelqing around 20-65 percent for around 10-15 mins. I end it with some stretches at the end as well. For now thats my routine, I'm just trying to focus on being real gentle with him to not cause injuries. My goal is 7 inches and no injuries for now.