Hey everyone, I am starting this journal on July 17th 2012
My current BPEL is 6.4 and my current EG is 5.75
My goal is BPEL 7.75 and EG 6.75
I am starting with a simple routine:
Fowfers for 20 minutes and helicopter shakes to warm up
then 5 sets of 30 jelqs and 15 v-jelqs
then warming down with some helicopter shakes
I am looking to add some Uli's after a couple week to inhance growth in girth if everything seems to be ok with my PI's
if anyone has any tips on things i should pay attention to please let me know?
I also want to do edging but i've tried it before and often after an half hour or so I get to a point where i can no longer resist the urge to push myself to ejaculate, any tips on how to edge? how to resist the urge? or techniques?
any thoughts on my routine or goals, please let me know?