Hey guys, I have been reading around the forumns for the last couple of months and have been doing a lot of research as well as making progress on my beginner routine. I never really considered the possibility of enlargement untill recently and I must say it has really sparked my interest. I know I am a noob but my degree is in kinesiology so I am very familiar with how the body works, homeostasis, cell repair, nutrient uptake, hormonal systems, etc. What I have done is set up a list of measurements that I will take weekly that are a little different from the norm. Measurements will be as follows.

  • BPEL
  • MSEG
  • GL (Glans Length)
  • GW (Glans Width)
  • GG (Glans Girth)
  • MSW ( Mid Shaft Width)

My attack strategy is still kind of in the air. I have a penomet which I have used once, only because i've only had it a day. I have also built two dry pumps in preparation for my quest, which I think I will end up using more because they are more comfortable. I can share designs if anyone is interested.
Endowmax and Andractim are the two other ingredients I have decided to throw into my routine.
Now, I know everyone is going to say pills don't work and DHT Creme messes up your hormones, but I already had the pills when I discovered the site and I have plenty of experience with hormone supplementation...... though not for this reason.

I have been taking the Endowmax for a month now. I have always had 8 to 10 EQ so it is impossible to say if it is helping at all.
The Andractim will be used in three week cycles followed by 5 weeks off so androgen receptors can upregulate to their full potential. First week will be at 50% dose, second week at 75%, third week at 100% recommended dosage....... If their are any gains resulting directly from andractim I will add a forth week at 50% doseage to cycle down off of it.

For at least another month or so I will to stick to a my beginner Stretch/Jelq Routine, untill I am conditioned a little better, before I introduce any pumps, clamps, or andractim. 1 day on 1 day off has been my split so far. Some very minor bruising and some soreness have been my only negative or neutral PI's thus far. EQ has remained in the 8-10 range.

I am three weeks into my beginner routine right now, and am not around my binder with measurements. So I will go off the top of my head and list the starting measurements that I remember.

  • NPBEL 6.25"
  • BPEL 7.3"
  • MSEG 5.73"

I will post my measurements leading up to now in the near future and try to stay as updated as possible.

Quite honestly guys my biggest challenge is going to be finding the time and staying motivated....... So if anyone along the way has any encouragement or critiqueing they would like to send my way. I would greatly appreciate it.