whatsup my girth gains have been coming along nicely but my length is pretty much stuck at 6.8-7.2 EL (depends what way I measure it).

I don't want to get too girthy and then make it impossible for myself to gain length because I have read that you should do length first and then girth.

My routine is basically JP's 90 day beginner routine except I do a much longer version of it (30minutes stretching, 30 minutes jelqing)

I also have an extender that I use pretty infrequently, and I have the bathmate that I use somewhat frequently.

My girth gains have been good. I can defiantly gain girth with ease. But length is very slow to non existant.

My penis is pretty conditioned. What is the MOST EFFECTIVE routine I can do for length????????????? If it is some weird exercise please post a video or PM with a valid link of someone doing that exercise. My goal for length is 7.8-8.2 EL.