Well, I've been doing PE on and off but I think I will finally start being serious about it.

I will be doing 3 days on, 1 day off.

Starting measurements:
EQ: 65-75% (I have terrible EQ from overstimulation from porn)
BPEL: 7-7.3" (always in between there, I know I have more but my terrible EQ holds me back)
EG Base: 4.6"
EG Mid Shaft: 5"
EG Behind Glands: 4.8"
EG Glands: 5"

I will be doing JP90, but consistently, and I will be doing three sets a day unless I see any negative PI's. I am also cutting out all pornography, and am only going to have a release once a week during my reboot period. My ultimate goal is to boost my EQ to at least 90-95% after these next three months. I will be updating this thread once a week as to not over do it with the measurements and what not.