I need to know which device would work in my strange case, vacuum pumps or extenders?

I have a strange case of penile curvature, my right tunica albuginea sometimes get more swollen/engorged compared to left one; giving rise to a curve. When viewed from top, my erect penis has straight line boundary on left side and arc like boundary on right side

It started happening probably due to my habit of dry humping my mate , i remember being straight-as-a-shaft when I was 16 y.o.

NOTE: I have 2 different types of erection
TYPE 1. one side straight, one side arc - occurs when I wake up or during one of those ill timed erections
TYPE 2. penis looks very normal, no signs of curvature - occurs when I press the base to sport a bigger hard-on. Squeezing with hand just . . . cures the right side curve. But strangely clamping via device makes the curve even worse & pronounced.

I haven't visited a doctor yet & I hope to get more accurate & insightful answers here.

So, please tell me which treatment or exercise would suit me the best.

P.S. - Even before puberty, I always had a slightly displaced dorsal vein, its along the axis but slightly on left side -i can post a pic here if you allow.