Actually I have some time now so I may as well post my routine. I've been doing this a few days a week for the last 2+ years. The routine takes anywhere from 40-60 minutes.

1. Warm up 10-15 minutes with wheat bag
2. 4 directional stretching (20 each direction)
3. Air pump 10 minutes with a cock ring
4. 100 'speed jelqs' with oil in the straight out position
5. 20 slow jelqs to a count of 10 in left and right positions with oil
6. Edging for around 5 minutes
7. Then I repeat steps 3-6 twice more for a total of 3 rounds.
8. Bathmate for 15 minutes.
9. Apply Vitamin E cream and leave on medium size cock ring for several hours.

I do this most days but take regular rests of 1-3 days when I feel that my wang is a bit battered. Each time I seem to come back with an extra millimetre or so which seems to indicate that it is the right approach for me. I am very sure that I was overtraining in the past. This routine is just right for me.

So, thats it. Will put in a tidy table to make all of this come together in a nice fashion. Will post when I feel like it.

** Oh...I will also post a pic on my profile in the next week or so of me in the Bathmate just in case some of the doubters are still lurking on the forums!

Week 1 13 cms (5.2 in)
Week 2 15 cms (6.0 in)
Week 3 15 cms (6.0 in)
Week 4 15.5 cms (6.2 in)
Week 5 15.5 cms (6.2 in)
Week 6 15.5 cms (6.2 in)
Week 7 15.5 cms (6.2 in)
Week 8 16 cms (6.4 in)
Week 9 16 cms (6.4 in)
Week 10 16 cms (6.4 in)
Week 11 16.5 cms (6.6 in)
Week 12 16.5 cms (6.6 in)
August 2020 20.5 cms (8.1 in)