Okey so... my erect penis is not straight only it bends slightly to the right. When I measure my penis on the right side, i tuck in the fat pad with my hand and measure from the bottom to the glands (penis head) also I don't bone press only I take away the fat pad lol. and my penis size i 16.5 though when I do it the same on the left I am 17cm, also note that I not cheat measuring, as i am not pressing the ruler on the sides, and see 8 incher, which is unrealistic measurement. I just measure from start of my penis which I see it when I take away the fad pad and to the end of my penis. OH and also I straighten the penis when I am measuring to the left, which is my real penis size ? same with the on top of my penis measurement. I measure press boned on the top from the right and still 16.5 but 17cm when left, can you guys help me ?