I started out 2 weeks ago with one day on and 2 days off the first week and one day on and one day off the second. I decided to add 10 seconds to each stretch and 2 minutes to my jelquing sessions every week. My routine is as follows now:
-at least 10-15 minutes of warm-up with a wash-cloth
-stretching twice for 40 seconds at each direction(down, straight, up, left, right); a total of 6.7 minutes-I started out at 30 sec.
-Wet Jelquing for 12 minutes- started at 10 minutes
-70 JAI stretches throughout the workout day
-Kegeling whenever I remember and during the work out and while pissing. I do it by holding it as much as I can.
- At least 20 minutes of edging; I extend that period whenever I have the time

I started out 16.5cm BPEL and 12.5cm EG. Now I'm 16.8cm BPEL and nothing has changed in the girth department. My flaccid size has also definitely benefited from this. Maybe you think It's due to better EQ but my BPFL has also increased by .1"
Anyway, I have to take the IELTS speaking test tomorrow. My written exam is Nov. 9 . I need to get a score of 8 or higher in all 4 bands. I need it for my immigration process to Australia. I have also registered for the 2014 Green card Lottery, the results of which will be published on May 1st 2014. Right now I want nothing more than to get out of this place. I don't wanna be stuck here for the rest of my life!
Wish me luck!
Love ya all!