I'm a new member and a new PEer for that matter. I started Remmek's 5 week routine if I'm right about the name 2 weeks ago and I'm half way into my third week. My starting stats were 16.5 cm BPEL and BPSFL and 12.5 cm EG. I am enthused to tell you that my BPEL and BPSFL are both 17.5 cm now, but I still haven't made any progress in the girth department. Is this normal and to be expected? Shouldn't gains be made in both directions? It doesn't make any sense to me. How did I not gain any girth? I Jelq at 75% erection level so I didn't see this coming. Is it possible that it's a genetic or body related issue where it is harder for me to gain girth? And is this just a stage where I will eventually overcome it if I just keep at it?