Hey guys,

new to the forum here. Been reading articles on how to begin PEing and on the amazing results that some of you here have achieved.

I finally felt ready to begin so here's my program:
- 5 min warm up with rice sock
- 5 min of stretching, in all directions(up, down, out wards, left, right)
- 30 min or 500 of jelquing. I alternate 100 of 5 seconds each jelq, then 100 faster, then 100 about 8 seconds each. I also alternate directions, out wards, downwards, on a side.
- 5 min cool down with rice sock

I am waiting for my bathmate and once that arrives I plan to use it daily, for 30 min, every day, after the stretches but before the jelquing.

I do this every day 5 days a week. In addition I do 3 sessions of 10 kegels each through the day. Each kegel goes between 5 and 10 second.

I am also taking tribulus, ginkgo biloba and yoni be.

I do get a really nice growth in length and girth after the jelquing but then 10 min after it starts to shrink back to normal. I assume this is because I have only been doing this for 5 days? No pains or blood sacks.

Curious to hear if someo of the most seasoned ones have some suggestions or feedback.