Started the JP90 plan two days ago.

BPEL 5.5"
MEG 5.25"
MEG 6"

I began with a 15min warm towel, followed by 50 wet jelqs, one hand = 1 jelq simply because I kept getting hard.

Followed with 30 v-jelqs and another 50 wet jelqs. Finished with another 15min warm towel and shower.

I'm sure its because I'm a beginner, but I keep getting an erection after every 10 jelqs for so. Is this normal? I figure as I become more accustomed to jelqing the excitement will go away. Also my dick is sore and semi hard the rest of the night, I assume like any muscle after a workout that this is normal?

I stumbled across this thread which a few tips to increase results with the JP90 routine. He proscribes slower jelqs.

I'm thinking of tweaking the standard JP90 to the plan above. Any thoughts?