Crafty thread title, eh?

Anyway, I started up a month ago and did my routine, but I didn't feel like starting a journal until I actually had something to report other than starting stats. Just as a quick piece of background information on myself, I have done PE before and after years of not doing it, lost quite a bit of the gains then. I note that because, my initial gains might be larger than typical because I'm not starting from scratch and am "regaining" what I once had.

I'm not including my actual starting size, because it's irrelevant whether I'm 5" or 9" right now- the only thing that matters is where I'm going. I measure every two weeks, but I'm only posting here after every month. All of my gains are posted as (imperial)/(metric). So without further ado.

Month One Results:

Erect length (standing, NBP): .31"/8mm
BPEL (sitting): .24"/6mm *see below for possible explanation
Erect Girth (mid-shaft): .08"/2mm

Month One notes:
Pretty consistent month, except for a few days when my brother was in town visiting and I wasn't able to get enough privacy to PE on those days. For the first 2 weeks, my BP and NBP gains matched, but the final measurement, they were different. Personally, I feel this was because I was pretty tired and groggy yesterday, so it was harder to maintain an erection and by the time I got to measuring NBPEL, I could tell there was a difference in EQ (I measure a few times and take the average, so it's not a very quick thing). I suppose I could've had fat loss, but either way, it's good news.

Erect girth gains seem small, but I started with a pretty decent girth to begin with. Certainly not huge, but reasonably thicker than average. So I'm not too troubled by the significantly smaller gains on that front.

Good luck to all of you with your gains.