I started doing PE end of July last year. I have gained steadily for about 5-6 months, but lost motivation due to smaller gains and not feeling the exercises I know of were helping further. I will NEVER start using devices, so decided to take a break.

I have always enjoyed doing exercises, and felt that most of all my penis was more healthy and in better shape (for instance harder erections, and better flaccid state). I started off with 5,9 inch of length (which is ok) and increased to 6,5 inch. Gains have not been massive, but this increase have meant a lot to me. Girth has been harder to achieve, ant I only incrased 0,2 inch (starting point 4,92 inch.)

Length has been increasing steadily, and I felt i could perhaps increase more by continuing with exercises like "double stretch" and "between the cheeks", but since I struggled specifically with girth, I took a break altogether and need input before committng time to exercises on a general basis again. Especially on girth.

3 questions first on length:

- Is it likely to assume the achieved length is the max I can achieve by doing exercises without devices, or will well-performed stretches help to increase further in length?
- Altough I never measured flaccid size, it seems I improved highly there. Can stretches lead to improved flaccid length, without increasing in length erected?
- i don't understand the training logic about more stretch exercises leading to gains, or even length circuits? It's much easier to understand this to apply to girth, comparing to normal muscle training...

Questions on training girth:

My typical work out looks like this 2-3 times a week:

- warm up, shower: 10 months while performing JAI strethces or Kegels
- length: warm up exercise (50x Pendulum Strech or 10X round the clock)
- Internal stretch x5
- Double stretch x5
- btween the cheeks: 4-5x

- 1-5 minutes of normal jelqing
- flaccid bend x 5 or squeeze x5 as "girth warm up"
- ULI x 5 + Kegels
- Jelqing ULi . 90-100% erect x 5

The girth exercises are really "heavy" (to use a work out term) and that's why I don't do more of them. I din't want to overtrain.

I must be doing something wrong as I don't increase much in girth? Should I jelq longer/differently. I kind of assumed I would progress from normal jelqing to advanced techniques like ULI, so that's why I don't jelq very long in general (+ very time consuming)

All help, ideas and comments are highly appreciated!

thanks a ton