Hey guys,

Quick Bio time I'm a 18 year old South African, and to be honest I've always had negative feelings about my penis size, although now I do realize I am around average, so it's a brilliant starting point.

I just recently discovered PE, a couple of days, maybe a week ago, so I'm timidly climbing in, don't want to hurt the little guy while trying to improve his skills now. I've decided to try out the 90 Days Routine to start off with, starting on Monday, as I've been getting my technique just right. Infact, I think I overworked it abit last night, so I'm letting myself rest until D Day.

About the multi-aspect part of the title, I play Bass Guitar, and I wish to improve it....So any tips on songs to learn would be greatly appreciated Abit off topic I know.

On top of that I'm quite the unfit bloke, so part three of my plan is to get physically fit. Which I guess from a purely
PE perspective can do nothing but help. Improved blood flow and all that.

So lets do some starting stats.

Non PE

Last Song Learnt - Deep Inside ( Incubus)
Fitness Level - Bad...


Erect Length - 6.7
Erect Girth - 4.8

Next measuring I plan to be more accurate...


Short Term

7 x 5

Long Term

8 x 6

Think those goals are reachable guys?

Here's to a hopefully long and prosperous relationship between me and PE