Hi everyone

I'm really new to PE and i decided to try once and for all.
I'm 24, from France. I never thought of having a small penis, I think I have an average lenght and a good girth, but I'd like it bigger

I started on 01/26/14 with:
NBPEL: 14.75 cm (=5,8")
MEG: 12.75 cm (=5")

I started with the JP 90 day begginer routine and will focus on it for the moment. I currently make it under the shower:
Warm up with hot water for 5 minutes
Stretches ~10minutes
dry Jelqing from 200 to 400
Warm down with warm water

My first goals are:
NBPEL: 17 cm (=6,7") (+2,25cm)
MEG: 14cm (=5,5") (+1,25cm)

I will measure every month to see my gains I hope they will be awesome.
Thanks in advance for your supports and advices.