I have been trying to start different PE routines for about a year now. Usually I do two or three workouts then i stop. I decided this forum might help me stay on track this time so I'm gonna give it a try!!

Starting stats 7-28-14
BPEL 7.0625"
EG 5.25"

Week One Routine(8/12-8/16)

Manual (M,W,F)
Warm up 10 min
30 sec Stretches (SO,SD,L,R,SU)
150 Wet Jelq
30 Kegels
Warm down 10 min

Bathmate (M,T,Th,F)
10 min

Hanging (M-F)
3x10 min

Goal Size
BPEL 8.5"
EG 6"