Hi guys, I just started a new routine and got back to pe after being on off, inconsistent with different routines. I have been posting in the success forum but think this forum is more suitable. Before this I started at 17cm EL and 13.5cm EG. I started this routine 2 weeks ago. I warm up with a hot wrap for about 5 minutes and do a 5 minute stretching routine. I watch porn and get myself aroused to fully erect and enter the bathmate. I let him get accustomed to the pressure then pump up to the max. I do 30 second stretches to the right, left, down and up followed by a pump to the max and let it sit for a further 30 seconds before repeating. This takes around 5 minutes. I take off the bathmate and do 2 minutes of slow squash jelqs. That is one set. I do 3 sets overall and then warm down. I have been doing it for 2 weeks. Im going on holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow and will not bring my bathmate. I measured tonight and I was so excited because I have had 2 days rest in order for the measurements to not possibly be very temporary. When I got an erection I knew it looked bigger and I measure 17.9cm EL and 14.5 EG. I couldnt believe it. These are the first gains I have ever seen and I am so happy to actually see them rather than just read about what may be possible. It has really motivated to stick in this time and do it for the long haul. I will be measuring every month so will report back when I do my measurements. I hope guys reading this will be motivated to as I am fairly inexperienced and have really seen gains that are here to stay. Please comment as I like talking to you guys since I have taken so much advice on board and I would not have made my first gains without you. I wont be online much as I am with my girlfriend on holiday but I will be posting every month and will have a look now and then to continue learning. Cheers.