BPFSL: 8 in.
BPEL: 7.75 in.

Alas, back at it again. This time my reasons are far different, as my intial dive into PE was due to a lack of confidence in size and in approaching woman, my current motivations have changed.

PE is all about self improvement by using the mind and habit to manifest a new reality. Each jelqing session can be meditative, and cleansing in a way, as you focus your energy and thoughts towards building the strength of your member and practicing sexual restraint. This is just one aspect of your life you can use to help build healthy habits. Cigarettes, junk food, staying up late, binge gaming, neglecting responsibility; all these things are the result of poor habits being formed and manifested. It's my time to cancel them out one by one, slowly and steadily, and with a bloodthirsty diligence fueled by the will to become my greatest self. Final boss.

My first challenge today is due to the first couple days of work, my member is sensitive and easily stimulated right now. Self control will be harder to accomplish, but If i want it bad enough, it's mine to have.

Routine for Day 3:
Take a 15 minute shower and:
5 minute warm up
20 second stretches- up, down, left, right, out.
10 minute dry jelqs. Switching between lower shaft focus, v-jelqs, and jelqing the head.
20 light squeezes.
5 minute warm down.

Additional challenge: make the time to fold your laundry tonight after work. Clean the front room for 5 minutes before bed. And lastly, challenge yourself to not go to the club, reroll your blunt from earlier into a gorilla thumb.