Hey guys, this thread is more for me, and long term PE. But to tell me what you think of my beginning PE routine.
As follows, I wet jelq in the shower, with, no lube, with the warm up and warm down, for 100 strokes for 3 - 5 seconds per stroke. I do this for 3 days on (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) break for the Thursday, then continue to the routine for 2 days (Friday and Saturday) when I then take my second break on the Sunday.

First update for my gains, 2.5 weeks.

I haven't measured my flaccid penis before or during PE, (it has got bigger though), or my girth. However, before PE my erect lenght was at the 4.5 inch zone on bad days, to 5.5 inch zone on good days, but, usually 4.5 to 5 inches. 2.5 weeks of Jelqing. I didn't see any real gains on the first week. However, second week I did notice harder erections and my penis would always hit the 5 inch zone and would more regulary hit the 5.5 inch zone. 2.5 weeks into Jelqing now, my penis keeps getting harder, longer erections and now can go past the 5.5 inch zone, usually into the 5.7 inch zone. These measurements were all BPEL.

(Would like to thank Jockinthebox, gettingbig1 for the idea to keep track of my gains, and then an additional thanks to ta53ora, for all the nice welcomes I got when I posted my first gains in the Beginner's Forum).

I'll hope to keep this updated every 2 months mostly so I can keep track of my gains, but, would appreciate if any of you guys could help me in the future if needed.