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    Ehlo everyone
    Its me, Ehlo, lol
    Obviously a throwaway type of username.
    (Update The reason I picked this name was because I didnt really wanna be "part" of the community but after realizing its not all BS, I kinda regret this xD w/e though...)

    Going to do JP90+Edging with a 2on1off cycle first month, switch up to 5on2off afterwards.
    This routine takes about 90+ minutes (30+ minutes edging).

    1. Aquire length.
    2. Proceed to aquire girth next, while doing maintenance work on length.
    3. Then, correct the shape - as of now, MSEG is 0.5'' > BEG.
    4. EQ work primarily, maintenance work secondarily LIFELONG.

    Expecting steps 1-3 to take about maximum 1-2 years, lets be really pessimistic, 3 years. Keep in mind, I will be doing the routines religiously and consistently!
    Regarding the plans for the PE routine, Ill try to stick to the JP90 style (warm-up, stretch, jelq, warm-down, edge); will probably only increase intensity/frequency over time when I deem it necessary.

    BE (~Body Enhancement)
    I have a BMI of about 26. I am planning on dropping down to 21.8 BMI.
    I started counting calories. I did some research and found some diets. Im applying intermittent eating/fasting cycle (8 hours ON 16 hours OFF ~ 10:00-18:00h eating, no eating for the rest of the time) in combination with working out.
    Will be working out mainly my shoulders, breasts, biceps/triceps, abs, upper legs and booty :P.
    I will also be jogging almost regularly.
    I aim to get back my healthy and muscular/fit body which I once had while I was still an athlete, before I "let myself go". I also aim to reduce my fat-pad from 1''+ down to about 0.5'' so a decrease of about 0.5'' or a bit more is needed. This is mainly so that my NBPEL x BPEL goals can be reached such that when I reach my NBPEL (primary) goal, I wont end up being too large in the BPEL side of things.
    Circuit training takes about 30 minutes, and jogging takes 20 at the moment, I will increase it to about 30 or so minutes.
    UPDATE Not jogging anymore. Winter came and it came hard. Doing callisthenics (bodyweight) type workout 3x/week at home since end nov/beginning of dez. I compensate by adjusting my daily cal. intake.

    PE + BE
    So all in all, PE (~90+m) + BE (~60m) is like a 2.5+ hours investment on my body on weekdays. I am a student, I have enough time.

    Updated progress
    23/Sep/15 16.5cm/6.5'' 14.0cm/5.5'' 17.7cm/7'' 13.9cm/5.5'' Initial measurements
    01/Oct/15 17.5cm/6.9'' 14.5cm/5.7'' 18.2cm/7.1'' 14.0cm/5.5'' EQ gains?
    01/Nov/15 18.3cm/7.2'' 15.3cm/6.0'' 18.8cm/7.4'' 14.0cm/5.5'' sitting,no-bend
    01/Dec/15 19.0cm/7.5'' 16.0cm/6.3'' 19.5cm/7.7'' 14.0cm/5.5'' absolute max..
    01/Jan/16 19.0cm/7.5'' 16.3cm/6.4'' 19.5cm/7.7'' 14.0cm/5.5''
    01/Feb/16 19.3cm/7.6'' 16.5cm/6.5'' 19.5cm/7.7'' 14.0cm/5.5'' started JF rtn.
    06/Mar/16 19.5cm/7.7'' 17.0cm/6.7'' 19.7cm/7.8'' 14.0cm/5.5'' needs remeasuring..
    01/Apr/16 19.8cm/7.8'' 17.5cm/6.9'' 19.8cm/7.8'' 14.0cm/5.5'' 1 month break
    Initial measurements where while standing with proper posture. All other measurements while sitting (yield same results).

    NBEPL: 5.5 --> 7.5''
    BPEL: 6.5 --> 8-8.5'' (depending on fatpad reduction)
    EG: 5.5/5.0 --> 6'' evenly (mid shaft & base)
    Dick type: Grower (+significant turtling) --> Shower (+insignificant turtling)
    Fat-pad: ~1.1'' --> 0.5''

    Milestone 1: 7.5'' (6.5'') x 5.5'' REACHED ~02.dec.2015
    Milestone 2:
    8.0'' (7.0'') x 5.5''
    Milestone 3: 8.0'' (7.0'') x 6.0'' (satisfactory goal)
    Milestone 4: 8.5'' (7.5'') x 6.0'' (bonus, not necessary)
    Primary focus is on NBPEL (and somewhat BPEL).
    I need +2'' NBPEL/BPEL.
    These are quite big numbers, I know. But these are my ultimate goals, which I dont expect to achieve in < 5 years (I wouldnt mind though :P).

    I am satisfied with my girth, therefore I dont feel the need to rush or reach that goal. It can take decades.. I wouldnt really mind.
    And somewhat in between is my dick type; I want to be bigger when flaccid.
    Thats about all.

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    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
    Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
    Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
    Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)


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    --Ill be reserving the 2nd post for after my journey--
    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
    Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
    Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
    Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)



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      [Week -1] (from sep~25 to oct~1)
      Own routine with DLD newbie routine stretches
      200 low erection wet jelqs + 15m edging
      - no feel for correct intensity, finding out limits --> overstretched
      - toned down

      [Week 1] JP90 w/ intense stretches, BE
      - Injury: overstretched --> Break 03/Oct -> 10/Oct
      - Went easy on stretches from here on out of fear

      [Week 2] JP90 w/ light (5m) stretches, BE
      - Realized newbie gains after break

      [Week 3] JP90 w/ light (5m) stretches, BE (+started Jogging+Diet)

      [Week 4] JP90 w/ proper (20m) stretches, BE
      - stretches: 1 set of: left/right, up/down, out --> 3 sets of: all 3x3 directions 20m

      Days with no PE
      7 days (stretch achiness/~injury - recovery/break)
      1 day (seemingly too tight traction wrap -> ache -> break)
      8 days

      - strict 2 on 1 off cycles
      - started 25/Nov, adds up to 1 month with injury break
      -- 15 days of pe in until first injury break,
      after 1 week break, noticed some gains! either (most likely) newbie gains or something
      special that works for me --> more experimenting needed after conditioning (the 90 days)!
      another important cue: no cumming before break (went for weeks) - might have contributed

      Edit: Something important I seem to have forgotten to mention. Im taking (300 mg Vitamin C + 5 mg Zinc) & (10 Vitamins + 5 minerals Multivitamin) supplements.
      This is in addition to my diet. Im not doing this because of PE.. but I read somewhere recently - to my surprise - that vitamin C helps with tissue regeneration (or some other vitamin, dont recall precisely - one vitamin thats included in these supplements anyway). So I guess thats great regarding PE.

      What I learned so far
      While starting out, there was confusion about how intense some exercises needed to be done. I was not sure about whether it was too intense or too light in regards to what I would feel if I did the exercise over long periods of time (eg. weeks/months). So after experimenting I found out my limitations. I know how hard I can go now so that it doesnt cause any damage after-exercise (note: I didnt feel like I was hurting myself - no pain - during the exercise.. thats why I didnt know)

      Wet-Jelqing: I realized at the end of the month that the overhand grip overall gives better result regarding overall pressure created in the whole penis. The normal grip - for me - starts the pressure around 20-30% already in the motion whereas the overhand grip starts at about 5-10%. So the first 20-30% of my penis (mainly the base/shaft) didnt get much exercise this month. This would have probably led to the baseball effect - not that I care much about it atm. So overhand it is from now on.

      After learning how to do proper stretches - out of fear I was reluctant, so I just did proper stretches only last week of month 1 - I realized something:
      I can visible see new tissue appearing. Its not as in stretch marks, no, but, new white patches that after a while become unnoticeable. I realized this after combining proper stretches + traction wrap. So I can clearly see why the traction wrap is needed. I haven't seen them before.
      Before traction wrapping, I didnt see them even though I was stretching properly already. But after traction wrapping, they seemed to appear. I rationalize it this way: My penis actually heals in elongated state - the healed / regenerated tissue becomes visible to the eyes because its baby-new and therefore there is a difference in color between the new tissue and tissue thats already there (the new tissue is much brighter - white'ish)

      Healthy dieting + body enhancement (BE - jogging/circuit training) has given my normal day much more energy. I feel very revitalized and good overall. Im not quite sure yet since it has only been about 2-3 weeks since Im doing BE, but I feel like my NBPEL gains have already started. Its ridiculous, I know, but hey, the ruler doesnt lie to me =/
      Im excited for the coming months, even years. I dont know where I will end.

      Perspective changes: Before learning about the PE world, I was just a dude with a 14cm/5.5' dingledongle... Not having seen any other penises IRL and relying on porn for information, I always thought im tiny. I didnt really mind that much, but it was there back in my mind.
      Anyway, after learning about PE and doing proper measurements - talking about BPEL - which was 6.5' - and not the NBPEL that I was comparing myself with others with... I noticed, through the scientific data one can look up regarding averages, that Im in fact not tiny. I was above average..
      And then, damn it, a few weeks in, I reached 7.1' (eq/newbie gains or whatever.. I dunno) and if I look at it with my fat pad pressed down to my pelvic bone atm, I feel like I have a foreign body part. It actually looks huge to me..
      So there is that..


      - 2on1off --> 5on2off
      - BE from 2on1off to something that makes more sense:
      -- monday, wednesday, friday: circuit training 30m
      -- monday - friday: jogging 30m
      -- weekend: total rest
      - NEW: traction wrap all day long every day

      [ehlolol's traction wrapping]
      I have no-name elastic bandages with 6cm/2.4'' width and clips.
      I cut about 45cm/18'' of that bandage. I use a tight sock that I cut the ending off to prewrap lightly, so that the bandage doesnt leave behind some weird pressure marks. I start at the middle, do two light wraps, go down to shaft, still light wrapping but from shaft to top, i tighten the wrap in such a way, that I can leave it on for 24/h without any discomfort or danger at all - Im not blocking blood flow whatsoever. I needed experimenting with that though :P

      [Adjusted JP90 Routine]
      It seems like the stretching described in JP90 is contra productive for me. I have felt uncomfortable doing kegels while stretching (perhaps causing overstretching) and so out of fear, I will be adjusting the JP90 to my needs. Since it will be just a slight adjustment, Ill still call it JP90..:

      1. 10 minutes: warmup with hot glass of water with reheating/refilling every 2.5 min; 4 sets of: 25 kegels + 25 reverse kegels (in total 100 kegels/rev.kegels)
      2. 20 minutes: 3 sets of - stretches in 3x3 directions with each lasting 30s and helicopter shakes inbetween
      3. 24 minutes: 3 sets of - 5 min wet-jelq (normal --> overhand grip) + 3 min v-jelq
      4. 5 minutes: warmdown via finishing showering
      5. 30 minutes+: edging

      Will be updating first post gains soon.. This evening probably..

      Putting 1 and 1 together:
      In the last few days, I have talked here about how hard my erections were, even describing them as 10.5/10 quality and fearing to kegel..
      After reading the TGC theory again - seems like I forgot all about it - and seeing that my BPFSL and BPEL are pretty close, it seems that my tunica is/will be my limiting factor.
      God.. Sometimes I think there is a higher power at play directing my whole life.. I felt this so often and now again (Im an agnostic though!). I randomly chose to focus more on length work which is what one is supposed to do in case the tunica is the limiting factor.
      So upping the stretches from mere 5 min to 20 min with proper intensity which I already planned (!) will probably give me another boost. Yay..
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      ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
      Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
      Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
      Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)



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        [Week 1]
        JP90 w/ proper (20m) stretches, BE
        -First full 5on2off cycle. Seems to be ok, my dick feels just a little sore.
        -Getting fully into tractionwrap~ADS: now only take it off when going to the toilet.

        [Week 2] JP90 w/ proper (20m) stretches, BE
        -Changing up the OK grip - going for the D-grip now, why? see here
        -Thinking of changing up the traction wrapping. Im not sure whether its really necessary to wear it 24h/7d. I might change it to +4-5h after each workout and no traction wrap at weekends. Main reason being: very slight skin irritation; might become problematic in the far future
        -Couldnt resist measuring.. god damn gains!!
        -1x ejaculation/week seems to be too little. Im too horny. Cant control my mind - any female that passes by while im out I think of having the dirtiest sex with. But I'm also convinced that ejaculation heavily hinders gains (even if you don't). I'm in a bind =/
        -Adjusted 3 sets of 3x3 directional stretches (20m) to:
        2 sets of 3x3 direction stretches with 10 left / 10 right rotations after each stretch. 1 set now takes 10m exactly.

        [Week 3] Back to original JP90
        So, its 10 min stretches (thats 2 sets of the described stretching routine) and
        24 min jelqing (wet + v) in total
        Also, Im going back from 5on2off to 2on1off because Im not really seeing gains that came earlier with previous methodology.
        Also, last week of every month from now on will be a baby decon break (Im testing a theory of mine to see whether some growth spurt will occur -- that might have occurred earlier!)

        [Week 4] Baby decon break - last week of month 2
        I just realized that for the last few weeks I had dropped the kegeling while stretching and perhaps that attributed to not gaining as fast as earlier.
        So right now, during the decon break, Im thinking about the importance of kegels while stretching and it starts to make more and more sense to me.
        To me it seems that during a stretch, if you kegel, you add extra stretching you otherwise couldnt accomplish - you stretch a bit more of the penis, the inner penis or w/e..
        Edit: While being amidst the break, I realize some gains which I attribute to week 3 (going back to 100% JP90 version). God damn it, it makes me depressed to not exercise it. I think for me, kegels while stretching is key. Furthermore lighter stretches seem to be better. Also 5on2off is way inferior to 2on1off. Im so excited for the next month; I seem to be getting closer and closer to what seems to be working best for me. I measured 19.5cm / 7.68'' BPFSL. God dayum!!

        What I learned so far

        Do not change up (technique such as removing kegels from stretching as I did) a time-proven routine - at least not prematurely. Stick to it no matter what and as closely as possible.
        Also, don't increase intensity levels too early. If in doubt, opt to go low intensity.
        I think those are the reasons why I didnt see as great gains as in the first month, yet I saw some. I think my body likes the lighter version more, therefore Ill change up a bit and adjust. One has to experiment

        Plans for December/2015

        This month will be my 3rd one. As I have probably mentioned earlier, I won't stop this type of routine, I wont jump to some other "advanced" routine, I will stick to the warmup-stretch-jelq-warmdown-edge type of routine for as long as possible, therefore, its not my last month.
        As in the decon thread of mine mentioned, I will change things up a bit, not technique wise though!
        I will incorporate decon breaks for 1 week at the end of each month (thats the last/4th week of each month).
        Furthermore, I will try out exercising with incremental intensity, as in month 1: low, month 2: medium, month 3: high levels..
        I will start with this immediately, so therefore, my new plan looks like this: Edit: Ill do it once I finish the 3rd month.

        A little reminder, JP90:
        - 10 min warmup
        - left, right, out, up stretch
        1x stretch = 25 quick kegels during + 10 left & 10 right circle stretches + shakes
        1 set = 4~ min, 04:00-05:00 = reheating for next stretching-set
        - 150 wet jelqs
        - 90 v jelqs
        (50 wet-jeqls + 30 v-jelqs) x 3 sets = (5 min + 3 min) = 24 min
        - warmdown

        New 3-month cycle:

        [1st month]
        1st-3rd week
        stretching: 1 set
        jelqing: 1 set
        time: 23 min (=10 (warmup) + 5 (stretching) + 8 (jeqling))
        4th week

        baby decon break

        [2nd month]
        6-8th week
        stretching: 2 sets
        jelqing: 2 sets
        time: 36 min (=10 (warmup) + 10 (stretching) + 16 (jeqling))
        9th week
        baby decon break

        [3rd month]
        10-12th week
        stretching: 3 sets
        jelqing: 3 sets
        time: 49 min (=10 (warmup) + 15 (stretching) + 24 (jeqling)) - same duration/intensity as the original JP90
        13th-14th week

        baby decon break (notice: thats 2 weeks)

        Last Edit for November post:
        Alright, its 01-december, I just finished my one week break (so hard; felt like wasting time, but I know better).
        I was measuring - as you can see in my signature - 7.36 BPEL before the break. After todays session, I hit 7.5'' / 19cm - so I hit 1'' the BPEL mark.
        I am not sure, I cant believe my eyes quite yet. I will remeasure tomorrow and the day after before I input the data into the table in the first post.
        I think.. mhmm.. I really think I gained in the break, since I was consistently hitting 18.6-18.7cm, but today I hit 19cm.
        Well anyway, I'm out
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        ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
        Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
        Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
        Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)



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          UPDATE FOR DECEMBER/2015

          [Week 1] JP90
          - Experimenting with JAI stretches, doing them occasionally throughout the day (piss breaks), also I incorporated 5 minutes of JAI stretching into the routine
          - fatigue levels on rest days feel same as initially
          - realized I only reach 7.5'' BPEL with 10/10 EQ.. was shocked when I couldnt reach it recently and realized it was due to that. So its hard to say im 7.5'' yet, but I guess I am.. dont feel big at all though, thanks to my NBPEL so far behind T_T
          EDIT: I am 18.5cm/7.28'' minimum 100%, with a "very good" erection I am 18.8cm/7.4'' and with 100% erection quality aka 10/10 EQ I am 7.5'' hard-bone-pressed!
          The reason I am measuring lower values MIGHT be because of masturbating and having lower EQ overall through that.
          - Regarding BE, I just discovered that there is such a thing as water-weight and there are ways to lose it to reach a more defined/lean look.. >.> Guess I will be drinking at least 2 liters of water now for losing it (I eat twice a day, so its 1 liter x2 ontop of my greentea and vitC/multivit intake). Im also not consuming alot of salt so that should be fine.
          - Lowered the cal intake to 1500 from 1800 because Im not jogging regularly anymore thanks to some weird pain around the hip region (recommended minimum according to some hospitals/diet.; some others say you can go til 1500.., I ll use 1500 since it will allow me to reach my weight goal in only 4 months instead of 6-7.. which is actually perfect). Regarding the pain, It might have been blue-balls syndrome - havent had masturbated for too long and that idea came to mind, after an ejaculation, the pain is gone =/ Sigh..

          [Week 2] JP90 with JAI stretches here and there..
          I feel like I need to write this down: I have a feeling that gains have overall slowed. The only things that have changed midway/throughout my 2 and 1/2 months is:
          - Ejaculation: at first I went for weeks without, then - after reading that it didnt matter too much - I ejaculated 2-3x per week (many hours after/before routine)
          - Diet: I am on a caloric deficit of about ~500.

          So, for that matter, I will change up stuff again:
          - Minimize orgasms --> twice a month: every 1st and every 16th of each month ejac. just so that I don't die of big-balls-syndrome.
          - Diet will stay the same for the time being.
          Ill be just experimenting with the "ejac" variable.

          This is just a prediction that it is slowing down - I might be off, which I hope a lot. So before judging anything I'll wait til' the next measurement.
          If I look at the rate I was gaining, it was about 0.2-0.3'' a month, so if I dont hit about 7.6-7.7'' BPEL at the end of this month, I will assume that it has slowed down.

          [Week 3] JP90
          - slow and stronger stretches (in total, takes about 10 min now)
          - measuring 7.5'' consistently, if I press for it, even a few milimeters more
          but other than that, no real gains =/ np though, ill push through
          - started taking L-Arginin now ontop of my multivit supplement

          [Week 4] JP90
          - I just got myself a cheap fan-heater for 10 bucks, so now I wont only "warm up" but will use heat throughout the entire session
          - Other than that, this week NO BREAK because after this month, I will take a week break because I am sure I am plateauing..

          PLANS FOR JANUARY/2016
          Alright, even though I still have a couple of days left, I can surely say that I am plateauing.
          I realize that the reason for this is because my penis has accommodated (grown) enough to the stress (routine) I have been exposing it to over those 3 months. To be more precise, it had already accommodated 2 months in, thats why I didnt gain anything this month.
          Common methods for breaking plateaus to my knowledge are:
          1. decon breaks - through deconditioning, one can cause new stress to the deconditioned/weakened penis and therefore make it accommodate (~grow) again.
          2. increase intensity - upping the intensity levels will naturally be more stressful and the penis will have to respond through adapting/accommodating
          3. switching up routines - in an attempt to shock the penis; a new routine will potentially have new stressors which the penis doesnt know how to handle. it will need to accommodate again.

          So, in order to save time, I wont test out one of those methods at a time but implement them all at once.
          Yes I know I have been saying that I will stick the the JP90 style but if I had to stick to it, it would mean I would have to increase the intensity levels. And as it is, a session is already suspiciously taking a very long time (bathroom; family).
          I have decided to switch up my routine completely.
          I searched for one that I can apply the principle of progressive overload easily to and one without the need of me going to the bathroom (no need for lube; no mess).
          So, I came across Big Al's jelq-free routine. I am going to give it a try.

          I have a 3 month cycle on my back. I am now changing the cycle itself, it wont be a 3 month cycle awaiting me.
          I will implement what is suggested in that thread: 6 weeks on, 1 week off.
          Furthermore, it will be a 3x per week workout cycle, pretty much 1on1off, 1on1off, 1on2off (mon, wed, fri).

          I will find the basline regarding rep amount.
          I am intending to use that routine for 9 months, totaling in 1 year of PE.
          I intend to reach the max amount of reps for each exercise by the end of the 9th month.

          Assuming the baseline is 20x squeezes and 200 stretches and 9 months are 4*9 = 36 weeks, 36/7 ~= 5 cycles (6 weeks on, 1 week off)
          Thats 5 * 6 * 3 = 90 sessions.
          I need to increase from 200 to 1000 in 90 sessions. That yields (1000-200)/90 ~= 9 increments per session
          So, lets just say I would need to increase the stretches by 10 per session.
          Since I am not mainly focused on girth, I will just increase it by 1 each session and stop increasing it once I reach 50. So after 30 sessions, give and take according to baseline, I will have reached max squeezes.
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          ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
          Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
          Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
          Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)



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            nice journal man! very good gains also and well documented

            going to follow you more often!

            good luck with the gains
            BPEL: 6.3 inch ->7.08 inch MEG: 5 inch -> 5.43 inch


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              Subscribed also, please keep updating I am following your lead.

              One of my observations would be nice to have your feedback on, the way kegel activates the muscles is surely identical to the way your muscles are activated (for lack of a better word) when edging, no? My theory is that you can kegel fully erect (may be hard to keep erect) and witness the same results. Thoughts?
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                UPDATE FOR JANUARY/2016

                [Week1] Decon-Break
                08.january -- friday, calibration day (first day) for big al's jelq free (JF) routine:
                - 18 squeezes
                - 200 s2s stretches

                Had problems maintaining erection for the squeeze, had to re-stimulate a few times but other than that, it was ok..

                Full routine, 3x per week (mo, we, fr):
                1. 10 min warm up; air heater throughout entire session
                2. squeezes (s)
                3. s2s stretches (s2s)
                4. 20-25 minutes of edging - with ejac.

                Progression plan:
                - each week +2 s
                - each session +15 s2s

                Measurements: every 2 weeks directly after fr-session.
                Progression adjustments will depend on measurements (EQ driven progression)

                [Week2] JF routine [cycle 1, week 1/7]
                mo: 20 s, 215 s2s
                we: 20 s, 230 s2s
                fr: 20 s, 245 s2s

                - Overall, felt good. I think I overdid the squeezes on the fr-session but nothing too serious.
                - Important note - its hard to maintain a 70% erection. I either lose it alltogether or it goes up to 90-100%. But I think Im getting the hang of it (it was much better on fr).
                - My hands seem to cramp up and hurt while doing STS stretching even though I am pausing and switching hands every 100 reps. Maybe this will get better over time.
                - Dont really know what to attribute it to, but my NBPEL seems to have increase to about 6.5 (might be because of my diet - fatpad or the PE exercises.. dunno as of yet)

                [Week3] JF routine [cycle 1, week 2/7]
                mo: 22 s, 260 s2s
                we: 22 s, 275 s2s
                fr: 22 s, 290 s2s

                On monday's session I noticed that angling your legs wider result in better sts'. Obvious to many, but thats information I didnt pay attention to..

                I also noticed that doing the sts with breaks every 100 is just too much - my glans darkens. So... I am doing about 50 or so, then shake a little bit and immediately continue. At 100, I pause for 3-5s or so.

                End of week 2 = measurement day.
                No real gains so far but I think I am a itzy tiny bit thicker. My NBPEL is bigger but I attribute that to lower bodyfat% since I've dropped weight and bodyfat%.

                [Week 4] JF routine [cycle 1, week 3/7]
                mo: 24 s, 305 s2s
                we: 24 s, 320 s2s
                fr: 24 s, 335 s2s

                MO - session: ejaculated twice clearly resulting in higher than usual soreness resulting to no morning wood on the next day and lower EQ. Had to do it though since my erection would not subside after the first one xDD

                After WE-session (today as of editing time) I measured since it kinda felt fuller - and yes I know the next measurement day is supposed to be the next FR but w/e. I was hoping for girth gains but I still am max 5.5 EG.
                To my surprise though, I am not 19.0 cm (7.480'') anymore BUT 19.3 cm (7.598'').
                I am so fking happy about this.

                A little BE success here:
                My weight usually flactuates. My current weight depends on whether I am empty or whether I have just recently eaten and am full; therefore, it ranges 2kg.
                So, initially, I was 88-90 kg (194-198 lbs). As of now, I measure 80-82 kg (176-180 lbs). Thats about 8-10 kg (17-22 lbs) weight loss. I dont really have an idea of how well I am doing, I dont know at what rate people usually lose weight but I dont really care about that.
                Losing 10 kg in about 12 weeks equals to ~0.8 kg loss per week. The BMI calculator said that 0.5 kg loss per week should be a healthy rate. So I might need to tune it down (up the calories / day).
                Well anyway, I feel really good about myself. Thanks to my exercising routine I have built some muscles as well. I am starting to look real good
                My aim is to reach 75 kg (165 lbs) and maintain it while building more lean muscle (abs + adonis belt, breasts, shoulders, triceps, ass).
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                ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
                Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)



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                  UPDATE FOR FEBRUARY/2016

                  [Week 1] JF routine [cycle 1, week 4/7]
                  mo: 26 s, 350 s2s
                  we: 26 s, 365 s2s
                  fr: 26 s, 380 s2s

                  MO: squeezes felt extra good (kinda ticklish). Start+Stop orgasm was one of the most intense ones Ive ever had. My whole body was shaking; my erection didnt want to subside; so I continued a little, which felt incredibly good (like giving an itch a good scratch type of good) but stopped quickly remembering that cumming twice in a row clearly overworks my ding dong.

                  I have to note this: on tuesday, right before falling asleep - in bed, having my dick tugged between my legs, I felt like a sting-type of pain on the right mid/upper shaft out of nowhere. I was like what the hell, got really worried. It lasted for approx. 3 minutes with decreasing pain levels. "Pain" is a strong word in this case, it was just a weird.. painy feeling. I have no idea what caused it; Im sure it was not the MO session, perhaps the tugging between my legs did it. Right now, on the next day, I have absolutely no pain whatsoever. Very weird. Anyway, I have it written down and have the exact date in case I need it in the future..

                  WE: came twice.. ->

                  FR: soreness since we; did the routine very lightly.. squeezes barely count as squeezes.. and the stretches were just weak pulls.. I considered resting but the soreness was not that bad..

                  EQ: on FR was 8-9 / 10 thanks to WE.-session. but if I disregard it, its overall 9-10/10.
                  Gains: Same as in cycle1-week-3, 193mm BPEL, might be more when 10/10 EQ, gonna check next week.
                  Otherwise noteworthy: Very horny and very sensitive penis. Orgasms feel more intense.
                  Conclusion: If the soreness goes away completely over the weekend, Ill continue as is. No real adjustments needed imo.

                  [Week 2] JF routine [cycle 1, week 5/7]
                  mo: 28 s, 395 s2s
                  we: 28 s, 410 s2s
                  fr: 28 s, 425 s2s

                  MO: Alright.. this seems to becoming a "problem" now - I stay hard after orgasm and still am ridiculously horny wishing to go for more.. >.<
                  Other than that, my NBPEL seems to have grown.. quite a lot (either thanks to PE or (more likely) BE, losing lots of weight lately)

                  WE: Ok, I found another detail to the sts stretches. Tilting my pelvis forward + completely relaxing my lower body (no lower abs tension/flex) results in me actually feeling my ligaments stretching. Prior to it, it didnt as much. So, yeah, Ill probably do it this way from now on on top of using wider angled legs as mentioned earlier.

                  FR: Nothing interesting to note..

                  [Week 3] JF routine [cycle 1, week 6/7]
                  mo: 30 s, 440 s2s
                  we: 30 s, 455 s2s
                  fr: 30 s, 470 s2s

                  This is my final active week of cycle 1. I think the break is due since I am getting fatigued too often lately.

                  MO: light session, nothing too important to note other than that my standing BPEL (7.67'') seems to be a bit bigger than while sitting (sig.).. weird.

                  WE: Another light session, I think Ill just keep doing the squeezes lighter than risking abnormal soreness levels thanks to hard squeezes..
                  PIs were somewhat between neutral and positive with no morning wood but they seem to return since Im doing it lightly the last 2-3 sessions..

                  FR: Measurement day - no major change. I think my NBPEL keeps growing (or rather, my fat pad keeps shrinking?)

                  [Week 4] JF routine [cycle 1, week 7/7]
                  --Break (not only PE, but also BE [diet, exercise & supplements])--
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                  ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
                  Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                  Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                  Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)



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                    UPDATE FOR MARCH/2016

                    A little change of plans: Instead of doing the regular JF routine (3 times/week), Ill do a more length-focused variant of it, as Big Al has described in his big thread.
                    - Saturdays - length part only of the routine.

                    - start & stop -> with no ejaculation in this cycle as opposed to the first cycle. Only relieve I will get is when I really need to and it will be on sundays.
                    I will go easy on squeezes in this cycle (=light).

                    [Week 1] JF routine [cycle 2, week 1/7] -- (18+30)/2 = 24 s, sts: (200+470)/2 = 335 sts
                    mo: 24 s, 335 s2s
                    we: 24 s, 350 s2s
                    fr: 24 s, 360 s2s
                    sa: 24 s, 365 s2s
                    Great sessions whole week.
                    I forgot to update the first post and insert the march entry.
                    I measured yesterday (today is sunday) and got the following readings:
                    BPFSL 19.7cm/7.75''
                    BPEL 19.5cm/7.67''
                    NBPEL 17cm/6.69''
                    I need to remeasure a few times before Ill enter this data.

                    [Week 2] JF routine [cycle 2, week 2/7]
                    mo: 26 s, 380 sts, 10m erect-jelq
                    we: 26 s, 395 sts, 10m erect-jelq
                    fr: 26 s, 410 sts, 10m erect-jelq

                    Because of no girth gains so far, I am doing 10 minutes of slow, dry (~body lotion) erect jelqing before transitioning to edging.
                    Why erect? So far, all my low erection level jelqs only resulted in length gains. I cant keep 80% erection for jelqs so Ill do them fully erect. Obviously I am very cautious. The duration will vary between 5-10 minutes.
                    It will consume edging-time (meaning 20 minute edging = 10min dry jelq + 10min edge). If I feel too motivated, I will extend the edging duration to 30 min. (20 min actual edging)

                    I may be peaking to early (thanks to Big Al) so therefore I will lower the pull-force (=intensity) for sts. I will aim for 100 sts reps, which I haven't been doing so far -> I had to pause every 40-50 because of circulation or hand cramps.
                    Light 100 stretches with shakes before continuing should be better.
                    Today, on thursday, after the wednesday light-sts + erect-jelq session, I am experiencing a new positive PI - low, heavy hang all day

                    [Week 3] JF routine [cycle 2, week 3/7]
                    mo: 28 s, 425 sts, 10m erect-jelq
                    we: 28 s, 440 sts, 10m erect-jelq
                    fr: 28 s, 455 sts, 10m erect-jelq

                    Nice session on monday. Nothing to add..
                    Today is friday, I am having a bit of an uncomfortable feel because of the more intense girth exercising the last time.. might need to tone down it a little (but not to original levels, where I was not gaining at all)..
                    Fr session: While warming up, I played with my erection in a certain way that felt good. Later, I found out that its similar to erect-bending. I pretty much form 2 OK grips, one at base, other one at the top then do rotary bends with both in opposite directions. Research indicates that its good for base girth, which is something I am in need of. So, from now on, I will do light erect bends while warming up.
                    The next day I had nice PIs - strong morning wood with a ticklish/tingly good feeling all day long.

                    [Week 4] JF routine [cycle 2, week 4/7]
                    mo: 30 s, 470 sts, 20m erect-jelq
                    we: 30 s, 485 sts, 20m erect-jelq
                    fr: 30 s, 500 sts, 20m erect-jelq

                    mo: nice session, might been a bit too intense though. Having nice PIs next day though, so not quite sure. Hoping for some girth..
                    we: After reading and researching a bit more, I decided to resume using traction wrapping. Right after I finish my edging, I wrap it up and leave it there for 4 hours. Then take it off completely.
                    I also started to experiment with bundled stretches. My dick becomes really jelly-like and I see temporary gains of like 0.1-0.15'' to my current stats. They just fade after the session but I kinda like it. Im thinking exposing it the an over-lengthening with then wrapping it up to maintain that state for as long as possible will probably be beneficial. Ill see...
                    fr: nice session. did the stretches a bit lighter (pulled properly but not to the point where my hands get cramped up after 100 reps..)..

                    Sunday, 27 march 2016:
                    I have mentioned before that the way I measure is by sitting with full erection and trying to "press out" as much dick as possible to minimize error-margin and consistently track numbers - this way I cant measure bigger values by accident --> therefore any increase is actual growth.
                    I decided to do it while sitting because I realized that there is no difference between doing it while sitting or standing, and sitting is more comfortable...
                    But today, I realized this isn't the case anymore:
                    I measure about 19.5cm / 7.68'' BPEL while sitting, but when standing, it was about 19.8cm / 7.8'' BPEL.
                    The thing is, I seem to have grown a little last week and I measure now:
                    19.6-7cm sitting BUT
                    when standing, I can read 20cm (perhaps a hair away from it).
                    Anyway this is great. I have broken into the 20 cm (=7.87'') territory if I were to consider my standing BPEL to be the correct one :P

                    This was kind of a short goal for me.
                    Also, I am seeing some girth gains, like tiny tiny growth but growth nonetheless:
                    If I have a bomb erection, 5.5'' is the absolute upper ceiling, no way I am bigger than that.
                    But today, I measured about 5.53'' or sth. like 5.55''
                    meaning my girth is growing
                    This makes me happy. I think the erect jelqs are working. Lets see what I will end up with in... 3 months girth wise xD
                    Ill also note that if girth comes well, Ill try to tone it down once I reach about 5.75'' or sth. and focus more on length. Ill resume to reach 6'' afterwards.
                    During my focus on length, I might try to even out my MSEG and BEG.

                    [Week 5] JF routine [cycle 2, week 5/7]
                    mo: 32 s, 515 sts, 20m erect-jelq
                    we: 32 s, 530 sts, 20m erect-jelq
                    fr: 32 s, 545 sts, 20m erect-jelq

                    mo-fr: just the usual. I switched hands (from left to right) on wednesday for jelqs.. I did go overboard with intensity as it seems so I had some slightly negative PIs on thursday, dying completely down on fr.

                    This month magically ended up having 5 weeks in it Dont ask me how that happened xD
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                    ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
                    Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                    Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                    Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)



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                      Just a little side note regarding the two posts from other members in this thread.
                      It seems like I have completely ignored them but that's not the case, I actually gave a long detailed answer but deleted it a few days later because I used a lot of theories of mine that are not really proven yet. I didn't want to spread potentially wrong information.. so that's why.. :P
                      But those guys know!
                      ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
                      Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                      Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                      Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)



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                        UPDATE FOR APRIL/2016
                        Touched up exact-routine:{ thourough warmup part }
                        - 10 min: air heater warm up
                        - 10 min: [left, right, up, down, out] x 1 min light-bundled stretches; 2 sets (both twisting directions) --> results in jelly-like dick
                        - 10 min: air heater erect warm up -- doing light, feel-good erect bends: circulatory movement of both hands

                        { actual exercising part - with constant heating through air heater }

                        - squeezes - transitioning from light erect bends directly to them
                        - side to side stretches - pausing at every 100th rep; lately using cloth for better grip
                        - 20 min very slow erect jelqs (no heater)

                        { aftermath }
                        - 20 min edging, no ejaculation.
                        - 4h traction wrap

                        This might seem like a lot, but it actually isnt and the entire routine is very pleasant for me.
                        Its still the JF routine in its core but I complement it with proper (long) heating and some exercises for loosening and warming up.
                        The only real change exercise-wise I would consider the addendum of erect jelqs. I am incorporating them because of no prior girth gains.
                        This way I wont be able to tell whether girth gains come from squeezes or erect-jeqls but that doesn't really matter much.

                        [Week 1]
                        JF routine [cycle 2, week 6/7]
                        mo: 34 s, 560 sts, 20m erect-jelq
                        we: 34 s, 575 sts, 20m erect-jelq
                        fr: 34 s, 590 sts, 20m erect-jelq


                        Probably last edit on pegym:
                        I have taken a premature break starting in April, which was initially planned for 1 week, as usual, but I have extended it to one month. So, I am in my 1 month bigger-decon break from 1. April to 1. May.
                        Since it is a bigger decon break, I will start with JP90 again and see how that goes. I might pick up an advanced routine if it doesn't work but if it does, it will be a game changer:
                        I will adapt a 2-3 month on, one month off schedule with just a simple routine, like JP90. Because all I will need will be a simple routine since gains can be restarted with bigger decons.
                        This is the conclusion I came to thanks to the advanced JF routine.

                        Furthermore, I updated my goals:
                        I want to be 20+ cm BPEL and 18+ cm NBPEL comfortably, meaning with low/bad EQ. This means, I will need to reach something like 20.5 cm BPEL and 18.5cm NBPEL with max EQ, then I will be done with length work - I dont need anymore, the 20+ cm is completely enough. No point in going 22, 23 or more cm. I understand that in inches, 8'' is a straight and good number but in metric system, 20 is already fine (= 7.87'', 20.5cm = 8.07'')

                        So, my length goals are: 8.07 BPEL, 7.28 NBPEL.

                        As for girth, all I want is to not be able to wrap my fingers around it - thats 5.75 EG, barely touching.
                        Thats my minimum goal, max is 6.0 just because its a nice number!
                        The first and foremost thing regarding EG is that I even out my 5.5 / 5.0 EG (MSEG / BEG).

                        Since I dont have much left for length anymore, I am looking for proper girth routines already. When I start up with JP90 again in May, I will do the jelqs not at 30% EQ as usual but I think about 60-80% or even full erection, carefully, and easing in, working up to that point in the first 2 weeks (of the next 3 month cycle).
                        I will see.

                        Now the most important part regarding this journal, it is discontinued - at least for the time being.
                        If you are interested in my progress, you can read up on it on *************, since I am migrating over there. I dont have any reason to stick to this place when it has become unusable for the last 3 weeks. Sry if that is kind of cold hearted - if anyone really cares xD
                        I might return or at least report back once I am on my maintenance routine much later on.
                        I even plan on donating to all the boards, without your guys effort to keep sites like these up, I wouldnt have started this journey.

                        So, to sum it up short and sweet:

                        Final goals:
                        BPEL: 20 cm / 7.87''
                        NBPEL: 18 cm / 7.09''
                        EG: 5.75'' even along entire shaft, once I reach it, Ill see if I want 6.0'' (which is max).

                        Cementing needed to be done:
                        BPEL: 20.5 cm / 8.07''
                        NBPEL 18.5 cm / 7.28''
                        EG: 5.85''

                        The plan:
                        Once I reach my final goals of 7.87 x 7.09 x 5.75, I am not going to immediately start to cement length but start girth work.
                        I expect the girth work will also yield some length, so I dont want to overshoot.
                        Thats why:
                        1. Reach final goal for length
                        2. Start girth routine
                        3. If #2 yields no length gains, do some length routine to cement final stats
                        4. Light maintenance routine for penis health / life, twice a week or something.
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                        ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
                        Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                        Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                        Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)



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                          Well written log
                          Restart [4/17/16] 7.5 BPSFL 7.25 BPEL 5.125 USEG 5.75 MSEG 6.25 BSEG (not valid)
                          Goal 1 [7/17/16] 7.75 BPSFL 7.5 BPEL 5.25 USEG
                          6 MSEG 6.25 BSEG


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                            you are a legend man ! you lost so much weight and gain so much from PE ! I trully admire you now I try to lose weight and the plan is to start PE but I don`t know where to start from. I don`t want the JP90 to much time and I have girth and I`m not good at long routines(also at the gym). A 20minutes routine is enough for me If you can write to me ! Thanks you, I really admire you and I`m reading all your forum posts for 2 hours !


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                              It has been a while!

                              I am back again!

                              Taking a look at my old journal, the last time I exercised was back in late february this year.
                              So it has been about 8 months with no PE :O

                              I was pretty satisfied with my size and pretty much lost interest completely.
                              The fire was gone!

                              BUT... it is back again xD
                              Its been a week since I restarted.
                              This time around, I am not going to meticulously document it all online. I will keep my offline journal updated though! i just cannot bother to check in weekly =/
                              Oh and I will report on gains here!

                              I am doing the jelq free routine, focusing on length only - so no squeezes! That means not 3 but 4 sessions/week!

                              This is my routine:
                              MON, TUE, THU, FRI: jelq free routine + piss pulls
                              WED: piss pulls
                              SAT, SUN: complete rest

                              When I do the jelq-free routine, I top it off with 20m edging with no ejaculation afterwards.
                              Perhaps edging is the wrong term. I just keep it 100% hard, not near the edge to cumming.
                              I do some peculiar thing - I form a triangle (like this), place it at the base of my dick while my dick is poking through it.
                              I press it firmly then move it up and down - effectively shaking my errect penis up and down!
                              It is hard to convey what I am trying to do with this but it is a stretching exercise:
                              Imagine a balloon filled with water. What happens if you rotate it fast? It expands outwards due to the centrifugal force.
                              This is an easy and comfortable way for me to lightly stretch my erect penis for the whole 20 minutes! There is a chance I am completely wrong and it does not stretch or the stretch is too weak to be effective - anyway, it keeps me 100% hard - I find jerking to keep an errection kinda bothersome!
                              Anyway, onto the next thing!

                              My piss pull routine is about 2 minutes long:
                              20s upward stretch
                              20s outward stretch
                              50 downward side-to-side stretches
                              and if I am motivated enough, 20s outward stretch again
                              I do this every time I go to the bathroom to take a piss... Usually i go two or three times - I drink 2-3l of water daily!

                              Sadly, I have lost some length =/
                              And gained some weight xD
                              Perhaps they are interlinked, who knows!
                              Last week when I checked, I was 19.3 or 19.5 cm BPEL. So lets say 19.3 cm!
                              Thats about 7.6'' BPEL =(
                              And my weight was 83 kg a month or so ago, but I am back on a diet and am now 77 kg! Going for 74-75 kg!

                              Well, that was it I guess. If I remember something else I have forgotten, I will post.

                              Kind regards!
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                              ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ BPEL/NBPEL⠀x MSEG/BEG
                              Started 6.50/5.50⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                              Current 8.11/7.25⠀⠀x 5.50/5.00
                              Targets 9.00/8.00⠀⠀x 6.00/6.25 (or longer!)