Dear Beautiful Men Who Have Sex with Men,

Have any of you been in a blended relationship where one partner does PE and the other does not? I'm curious what other relationships are like, particularly when the PE partner is smaller than the non-PE partner (who is much bigger). My husband is all about my cock and everything else.


You know what it's like dating other men.

We have the same parts, so no matter how much our partners accept us, it's still innate for us to compare. My dating days were rife with anxiety, not because I was self-conscious but because men who like cock can be dramatic and competitive. I had to learn how not to perpetuate this by shifting my focus from comparisons to getting ready to conquer what lay in front of me. That turned into confidence and skill because guys who were supposed to have it all (e.g., big dick, muscles, looks) were surprised with what I could do with a smaller endowment and kept coming back for more.

It's obvious I am not completely at ease with being smaller than my husband though he has never disparaged me. I have had this anxiety since puberty, but it is not debilitating or even moderate. I accept my body and its potential as is, though I would love to know what it's like to live a day in his body because he turns me on so damn much.

So, are there other MSMs out here willing to share? If not, where are my rainbow brothers?