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How long did it take you to gain your first 1/2-inch in length?

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  • Almost six weeks with a ramping up program of warmup, basic stretching, jelqs, and edging. I have been pretty consistent with 3 workouts a week on Mon, Wed, Fri.
    START : 2/6/2020
    BPEL : 5.875" - BaseEG : 5.25" - MSEG : 5.0"
    CURRENT : 2/10/2021
    BPEL : 7.875" - BaseEG : 5.625" - MSEG : 5.5"

    BPEL GOAL : 7.5+" - MSEG GOAL : 5.75+"

    MadYogi's PE Log


    • For me it was like 4 to 5 months. I was doing a 2/1 spilt with an ADS.


      • The best part about this thread was it was created by one of our missing female members.
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        • 6-8 weeks but improved EQ is not the same as the .5/.8 cm in actual length i have gained after 6-8 weeks.
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          25th june 2020: BPEL 14cm x EG 11cm (NBPEL 11.5cm) NBPFL 8.5cm x FG 10cm
          5th August 2020: BPEL 16.5cm x EG 13cm (NBPEL 14.5cm) NBPFL 10cm x FG 10.5cm
          25th september: ??
          Goal 18cmx16cm


          • Originally posted by Party View Post
            The best part about this thread was it was created by one of our missing female members.

            It's hoped she'll visit the place from time to time!
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            • It took me about 7 weeks to gain my first half inch in length.

              My routine consists of about 45 minutes of intense stretching variations and about 10-20 minutes of jelqing per day. 4-5 days on for every day off. I also edge after my stretching and jelqing sessions.


              • I don't know why
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                • It took me 5 weeks with a Quick Extender Pro.
                  Start: 01/29/21 BPEL: 6.25", MEG: 5.1
                  As of: 08/31/21 BPEL: 7.2", MEG: 5.6

                  Progress Log