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I just did my exercises for the night, and I did 15 squeezes with the final squeeze being 30 seconds instead of 15 (which was a little too long I think) and after I had finished up I was engorged bigger than I've ever seen myself (Unless my eyes were playing tricks on me, do you typically have great girth after girth exercises that slowly fade as your erection level goes away?) I measured at 6 in girth (unless my tape measure was pushed out on the other side) then 5.5, then back to normal. But it was exciting seeing myself that big. Once the gains come my confidence and excitement is going to be through the roof.

EDIT: I also want to mention that I did the "static ULI" thing and it was quite intense, however I worry that it'd only effect (affect?) girth at the very top of my fingers where I'm not squeezing. I found a way to do the squeezes that doesn't tire my hands out as much, it's really about angles and finding what works best for you I've learned. I want to incorporate both exercises into the end of my work outs

I'll check out the ULI's, but I read up on it and then tried watching the videos but it wouldn't allow me to watch the videos, said I needed to download some plug-in.
ULIs are similar to jelqs in that they may tend to give the penis a forward heavy appearance. The Squeeze is good for more even shaft development.