Hey guys

So I started edging last week again to last longer in bed. I do not have premature ejaculation anymore thanks to this site, which has been gone since 2014, but it'd be nice to add another 10 minutes or so in bed with my girlfriend.

I also would like to make my ejaculate further, which I have achieved in about a week. Here's what I did:

1. Reverse kegels throughout the day (I rarely do regular kegels because of my past with PreE so I already have a very strong PC muscle)

2. Edging almost every night. I first started off with 30 minutes and have worked my way up 40 earlier today. I usually ejaculate every other edging session.

3. I've been taking vitamins and supplements. Here's what I use:
Vitamin B6

A week ago my ejaculate was usually just oozing out, no force behind it really. Since then, it SHOOTS out with about double the amount. I actually have been measuring how far it's been going. 2 days ago it was 29 inches (roughly 76cm), but tonight it shot out to 45 inches (about 114cm)

I have also been eating a lot better and have been drinking a lot more water.

My size is about 7inches length and 4.7 girth. Towards the end of an edging session I'm at about 7.25 inches and 5 girth.

I hope this helps you guys.

- 88 Keys