I began PE in earnest for the first time in the summer of 2008, and I'd say it was during that summer that I made the majority of my gains.

Since that year PE has been sporadic at best, and I never really made any significant gains since then. At least, I haven't been keeping a close eye on gains, so it is possible I've been gaining, but so slowly as to not be noticeable.

I feel like I'm finally gaining again significantly, and it's all thanks to my cousin.

She suggested I take Apple Cider Vinegar with Pineapple juice for weight loss. I've been getting thinner, but the stuff also boosts sex drive.

I've taken it even farther by incorporating the vinegar and juice into smoothies which include Kale and Spinach, both of which are known to increase blood flow and production of nitrous oxide.

As a result my erection quality is much improved. Before after a few weeks, I felt like I had to squeeze really hard in order to get the expansion I was looking for which led to me overworking my penis and eventually having a non-functional unit. I always had to quit after 3-5 weeks disappointed.

Now not only am I able to get the expansion I'm looking for without squeezing too hard, but also I feel like at long last I am seeing bran new gains! I would call this a major success! I can't wait to see where I am in six months or so!