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I think I also have this problem, can you be a little more specific on what you did to regain your erections, what kind of exercises.
Everything i done :
A lot of trigger point release in my psoas, ql, piriformis ( this is the tightest I have ), inner thigh and quad. My thought process behind this was my muscles were tight which would cause a restriction of blood flow and potentially pressing on nerves.

I hold a sumo squat with a dumbbell, aiming to breathe deep throughout my body. The purpose of this is to stretch my pelvic floor making it more elastic, which will make my pc more efficient . But when I first started doing this I'd urinate a lot during this process. That may not happen to you but that was key to me .

Due to something coming back in my urine sample ( can't remember what at the moment ) I took ciproflaxicin for a month which I believe helped greatly for the inflammation and potential infection.