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How Has PEGym (and Male Enhancement in General) Improved Your Life?

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  • How Has PEGym (and Male Enhancement in General) Improved Your Life?

    We've had thousands of success stories here on PEGym - both in this specific forum and across our other forums. But, I'm looking for how PEGym, and male enhancement in general, has improved your life beyond just increased inches, EQ or stamina. How have these improvements to your sexual health impacted your life - in and out of the bedroom?

    PM me! Because I'd love to share your story, in a new series of articles, to help keep others that may be struggling with their journey motivated.

    All stories shared can be anonymous - with even your username not used - if you prefer.

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    I like to think i have added to the common good through my work in pre e etc , This gives me a lot of satisfaction.

    Umm sorry Km might not be what you were looking for.


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      From many I've spoken with, the best benefit to be had is the development of self discipline and confidence.
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        Oh, I wish I could contribute to this but about to dick the Mrs to multiple orgasms with nothing for me. Maybe you should include her and the ladies here as well.
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