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So would you recommend the item you linked above as opposed to the TPE? I found some on amazon that ships to my country and was still much cheaper then what I could get here such a rip off haha.

I'm gonna try some bottling over the weekend I have a couple bottles at home to try, I think one might be too rigid but was only a few bucks so no harm.

Since I'm a bit smaller, I'd want to fill it up 3/4 or so, basically so the water covers the whole shaft?
No. They do two different things. The tpe keeps you extended, plump and warm all day. You can wear it 24 hours, I don't sleep in it but I could safely. It is a very gentle form of traction. The device above just makes tubing more comfortable. My first tpe lasted 6 months and did the work of both devices. These newer tpe's, can't seem to handle that load for very long. So I take off the tpe and use the other device when tubing.

If I had to choose one, I'd choose the tpe.