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Has anyone been doing this consistently or on & off? Any updates, results, good or bad?

I added bottling to my regiment for ~3 weeks, but overdid it with too tight of a bottle (don't use vitamin bottles for it!) and had to take a 1 month break.

Now I've been back and doing it for ~3 weeks combined with a Phallosan-like device. No big girth gains yet, but my CS has visibly increased.

I pump for ~1 hour per day 30 mins on, 5 mins off, 30 mins on and do that every other day. I feel like 2 hours per day would be doable if you're more conditioned, but I'm trying to be much more careful so I'm not doing that for a while.
Yea, I gained around half a cm girth in under 2 months when I was doing my bottling + jelqing routine religiously. Took a break but starting it again now. I've lost gains but they seem to come back quite fast when I start my routine again.