I just wanted to post some general progress since newbies frequent this forum and to share for general knowledge. I don't get on here very often to post so I apologize if messages are not returned but wanted to do my part on sharing since these forums have been very beneficial to improvement. Pay it forward so to speak. I like to do a "self-assessment" yearly during the summer. I typically re-direct all my goals during the new-years and summer time for self-improvement; one of those being man-hood progress. Below are both short-term and long-term success improvements I've been working on.

For awareness, I have very little time to devote to this hobby. Lets call it average 20-30 minutes a session and sometimes I've spent up to 45 min. On average I probably spent 3-4 days weekly doing work between jelqing and/or pumping.

My past measurements were typically done sitting, as I could tell for myself at least, that I am longer laying or sitting down that standing. Likely due to some flex and gravity. Over the past year I gained 0.375 or 6/16 inches in both length and girth. Flaccid hang is getting better and fuller. I don't take any additional measurements because I only work on some set goals.

For those that are new, set your goals to be obtainable, and if aggressive, don't be disappointed. We all improve at our own pace. Get a consistent routine, regardless of how minor, and do your best to stick to it.

Started 06/25/2017
Quit 12/2017
Resumed moderately 06/2018
Resumed jelq and bathmate pump 08/2018
Mostly bathmate pump 3x weekly 11/2018 - 06/2019
Jelq and bathmate - 06/2019 through current.

initial 06/25/2017
BPEL_ 6.25
BPFSL 6.50
NBPEL 5.50
NBPFL 5.50
EG__ 4.375

Measured 08/19/2018
EG ___4.50

Measured 06/30/2019
BPEL__6.875 - standing
BPEL__7.125 - sitting
*** NOTE - I started measuring standing and sitting, as I noticed there was, what I call, a significant variance in measurement between both.

Goal 06/30/2020
BPEL__7.25 - standing
BPEL__7.50 - sitting