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Hi Al! Yes i have been taking some time off. A month and a week here and there. My EQ is actually not that great anymore. And i have started to keep kamagra close when i feel some pressure. And i’m very careful nowadays. AS i feel like my D can take much less of intense workouts before i get a load og bad PI’s. It should be mentioned that this is a stressful period og my life. And i give personal stress a fair bit og blame for the bad eq.

So now i’m hanging once a week. And doing manuals on a daily basis. And use my extender when i have privacy for it. The extending is causing more of a fatigue after an hour than hanging. Allthough i hang pretty heavy. (10kg). Strange that one..
If your EQ plateaus or even declines, you're going to have difficulty making size gains. You need to reorient your training to ensure you can bring up your EQ.