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Omg, Bundle stretches is a game changer

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  • Omg, Bundle stretches is a game changer

    Finally I see some good progress on the girth with the amazing exercise bundle stretches!

    I have managed to stretch my unit from 18 cm to 20 cm in under a year, NPEL
    The fustration has been to fill up the tube enough to feel bigger.
    Bathmate, uliís, baloon and slow jelq could give me a pump some hours.

    Still I would end up with a tired penis and not really showing a bigger hung in flaccid state!

    Since I have done alot of stretching for years, started with 16/17 cm, I felt ready to go heavy on the bundle stretches now that I can really pull my flaccid, up to almost 21 cm.
    And OMG it feels so nice to see the result.
    After a month I maybe did not achieve so much, maybe 2mm i girth extra overall, but my EQ is wild high!!
    When my EQ is 100% it is 20,3 cm NPEL
    Base girth is 14-14,5cm and MEG is 13 cm
    The head is bigger, so overall I have alot of work to do
    I know bundle stretches will work alot on the med shaft

    I will post a longer thread on how my EQ work has blow my unit to max many days a week!
    But I will wait until october, my one year PE program is then complete!

    My advise, be careful, know your limits, let your unit feel small if he is tired, look forward to the next session and enjoy every session!!!

    Thank thank you everyone!!!