Unfortunately for me, even when word spread it has never helped me much.
At a new years party I over heard one girl telling another girl that she should "try me out" because I was huge. I would have hooked up with her, but this drunk ass hole cock blocked me twice by just being insanely obnoxious(he pissed everyone at that party off). I was half a second from decking his drunk ass when my other friend dragged me away.

Then freshman year in college of course all the dudes in the dorm realized I was packing, and word got around a bit. One guy in particular was like obsessed with it. More than once I would be meeting someone for the first time and he'd just be like "dude show him/her your massive dick" so fucking awkward. It almost helped me once, this insanely cute girl, like 10/10 tiny little thing. Came and was like "i've heard some rumors about you" I should have acted on it right then and there, but I didn't. The next day I realized how bad I messed up and I tried getting up with her, but it was the last week of school and we couldn't get it to work. she got a BF over the summer and has been dating him since