Just checking in. I have been keeping track fairly regularly, and have been so-so consistent. After a few months, I decided to focus on girth, as my sense from my partner is that is what is most appreciated. Had not made much progress, but started some clamping excercises (nothing extreme), and the girth has started to gain.

I am up to 5.38 in girth when erect, and during clamping, I have noticed the girth slowly increasing as well. Now I get to almost 6 inches by the end of a session.

I am happy because the girth had really stopped growing in October, when I first posted. I am editing that post if I can, because I said I was at 5.25, but that was during excercise. I was at a 5.13 during normal erection. So I gained about .25 in about 5 weeks of clamping 2 days a week, sometimes 3.