I know the title is really alluring and you might think that I achieved it, but although I didn't achieve it, I came so close to it it felt like a victory by itself. I will however, get to that ultimate orgasm that makes you scream at the top of your lungs with pleasure and satisfaction.

Have you ever had the experience of ejaculating without reaching an orgasm or at least a good one for that matter? Aside from the disappointment it triggers in you, it is sending you a message loud and clear: ejaculation has nothing to do with orgasm. Sounds a bit strange doesn't it. I'm not going to get into details about this right now, but I will be posting a comprehensive article about this later in the Science and Theory forum when I find the time. My new motto is : There is no PONR! It's all in your head. Remember the saying from the movie "the matrix", "There is no spoon"?

I believe a man can keep going and going, not indefinitely, but to a point where there is no higher physical sexual joy. I call that place "the ultimate orgasm". This is only in theory and I can't prove it in any way, but I believe that ejaculation actually gets in the way of reaching that orgasm. I believe, that orgasm cannot be achieved with ejaculation. You need to master the art of dry orgasms, that's the only way to get there. Fortunately for anyone who is interested there's a group called Multiple Male Orgasm right here where you can learn so much about this art and there are members like Pegasus who is a true master by the way and other really experienced people who can help you with your questions.

I have been putting this theory of mine to the test for about 2 weeks now and I have been able to reach distances into the ever dreaded PONR that I never thought possible before. It means more intense and longer lasting pleasure. I intend to keep adding time and riding into this forbidden zone until I have completely conquered it.

Remember what I said first about orgasms and ejaculation being different? This means don't worry about not being able to ejaculate if you keep doing this. It will actually become as simple as peeing. It is that way for me. I can force myself to ejaculate within 30 seconds with a very minor orgasm, so don't let that bug you in any way. Wait for my more in-depth theory in the science and theory section.