Hi All,
I cant say if its real success, but yesterday I had to switch to large size cylinder, simply because I couldnt get full fit and reach the end as my 'head' was to large.

I started pumping about 3 weeks ago, im at 2/3 x 15 sets. I cant say that anything reflect erect gains l, but sometimes when I measure I can see 0.5 cm more at full full erection. Doesnt look like have any girth gains, but this is something I dont measue cos its difficult to keep accuracy.

One problem Im facing with my pump is that It doesnt have rubber on the bottom so plastic can really make it uncomfortable and suck piece of the skin from my scrotum. Its thickwall pump. I bought extra silicon ring, but this pretty thick and when I enter my penis inside its getting squeezed too much.
Do you know if there are any rubber rings (slimmer!), for cylinders and could you recommend one? Or any advices to improve this.