I wish I could report my exact gains, but I can't. Anyway, I noticed since I started PE (pumping) that my flaccid hang was MUCH healthier than before. My flaccid gains are much more noticeable to the eye than my erect gains.

Anyways, I always thought I had a pathetic flaccid hang that would be on the lower half of average. I measured today out of curiosity and I was at 4.5" flaccid hang (resting my penis on my hand at a 90 degree angle and pushing ruler to the bone). I figured that was still average at best because it doesn't look impressive in the mirror, but I found out from a combined study that I was 94th percentile using that same measurement method. I know PE should be about self improvement and not comparing yourself to others, but still that was a HUGE confidence boost for me. I know I used to avoid locker rooms for fear of embarrassment, but it turns out that I was probably at least average before I even started PE.

It's funny how it still looks so unimpressive in the mirror though. Probably because of porn.

Also, having a 1" fat pad sucks! I'm about 25 lbs away from being in "great shape" so if I achieve that it could help a little, but i'll probably always have that fat pad. I just have to grow beyond it!