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  • XXXTREME Girth Breakthrough

    I have recently had a fantastic breakthrough in girth gains ! I have been into pe for over 13 years off and on. I gained my length goal in a matter of about 18 months , but could never exceed 5.8 girth.

    Now in just over 3 weeks I gained over 1". I was shocked and very excited to see that at the base I was just over 7" !

    Also it's starting to move up the shaft too. I tried to take time off for months over the years ; with no exercise , hoping to be able to start over ; and gain again , but it never worked. I was just about ready to believe I had gained all the girth I could.
    My wife asked me to stop on the length for her comfort. That's 7" bpel.

    Here is what I have been doing.When I start to describe this it may sound similar to the BTC stretch , but it is quite different.

    ****CAUTION ....NOT For Beginners****

    I use Aveeno skin relief lotion for lube.

    I start by heating my bathroom to about 80 degrees with a portable ceramic type heater. I lube up liberally with the lotion and obtain about a 50 - 70 % erection.Then I straddle the wall of my tub. I pull all extra sack skin forward while folding my dick back between my butt cheeks. At the same time I lower myself down on top of the tub wall.

    I am on the balls of my feet. It is important to balance properly as you lower yourself because of the risk of falling.

    Then you lean forward to push your dick back behind you as far as you can. Then slowly raise up more vertically.

    You are now sitting on your dick and it is between your balls and against your anus . You will now realize that your weight pushes an extreme amount of blood into your dick.

    You slowly slide back and forth a few inches each way. This works you out kind of like jelqing and extreme stretching all at once. As you do this you will need to add more lube so keep it close. Also your erection will tend to subside . So , when it does , stop and give a few jelqs and build it back up. Then go again. Practice with as much erection as you can with NO pain.

    I have found if I try too much my dick will twist sideways to protect itself.
    I do this about ten to 15 minutes , three or four times per week.

    In just over 3 weeks I have gained in diameter from 1 7/8 to @ 2 1/4 " !!!

    I believe the reason I was stuck was I could only jelq hard enough to get to my previous size ( 5.8 ) that I had gotten stuck at , as a plateau. If I did it longer or harder it was too much and I would get purple and red spots . Also I just did not gain.

    Also I believe it is very important to use the brand and type lotion that I found because it has triple the amount of aveena sativa (oats) of any other I have found.
    Many studies say that it will free testosterone so my theory is that as it soaks into your dick and surrounding areas that it does just that. Anyway I just know I finally made a grand leap forward in girth and that's what counts to me.

    Also the gains are starting to move up my shaft and I hope I can get to seven all the way up ! That's my goal.

    Also I am not doing any other exercises right now except about 5 minutes of simple stretches to maintain length.

    I think that covers it. Please don't use all your weight. Go easy and build up slowly. If you over do it your EQ will suffer.

    If you do it right for ten minutes or more , and then look at yourself you will be surprised at how much wider you will start looking after the exercise.

    One other highlight is I accidentally had an orgasm while doing this once and have learned to do it anytime now. It is very intense and with no ejaculation.

    I only do that occasionally. It has not interfered with regular sex or ejaculation.

    Please start slowly. I have had no injuries from these but I went about 20 minutes once and it killed my EQ for a couple of days.

    Great girth gains can be yours soon !
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    Sounds interesting. I think I'll give it a try. So just to be clear, the lube is used so youcan slide back and forth? Have you done these without lube?
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      Yes the lube helps you slide and I think the aveena sativa in this exact lotion must help. I have not tried without lube. I don't think you could without getting irritated at the least. Also if you add a drop of water it is much slicker if you want it more slippery but I don't usually do that.
      My tub is fiberglass. Make sure the spot you use is clean and smooth or the pressure will not be comfortable.


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        You say that you tuck between the balls. How do you prevent actually sitting down on your balls that way? I don't have very low hanging fruit and after trying the position, that seemed to be the biggest issue.
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          They spread to each side but the rim of my tub is not real wide. It may be 6". But it seems to work if you'll pull all loose sack skin forward before sitting it gives me the slack for them to get out of the way and not squash them. I am hanging some lower than I used to so I guess I am stretching that too. I have no discomfort to my balls while doing this.
          Pull all your sack skin forward in the middle and while holding it ; bend your dick over it and hold as you sit down. If I do that my balls have room to get out to the side and not get squashed.


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            ah right so your got one leg in your bathtub and the other on the floor, cock squashed on the rim? balls somehow hanging off each side of the bathrim? (I can see why you need the room warm).

            Just to confirm do both balls escape to one side or you have a ball each side of your dick?


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              3 weeks and 1 inch?????? Thats one hell of a gain! Nice man
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              Jul 16

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                One to each side. And yes the extra warm room makes your sack relax. You know what happens the cooler it is. No sack hardly !


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                  important question. Erect %?
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                    Originally posted by 7by72b View Post
                    I pull all extra sack skin forward while folding my dick back between my butt cheeks.
                    How can one possibly accomplish both at the same time...?

                    I mean, if you pull scrotal skin "forward" and then pull the penis "back" between the testicles and "between my butt cheeks" are those two things not going to be working in opposition??
                    ​Li'l Uncle Reamus


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                      Very interesting and inventive! Yet another one of the fun ideas I can try when my gains stall...

                      I can see how this would intensely stretch you out girth-wise.
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                        Ok I got the hang of it now. Very difficult to gauge the amount of pressure you put on, though.

                        Feels kinda similar to doing the squash with 2 clamps on.
                        01-02-2015 BPEL : 7.25", EG : 5"
                        19-08-2015 BPEL : 7.75", EG : 5.2"
                        Goal : BPEL 7.75", EG 5.75"


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                          If you use one hand to gather your sack skin so that it would be streched smooth to the front and other hand to bend your dick around between your balls and sit down carefully it works.
                          Use about 50 % erect at first then try more and also you can use your hand at the base to keep pushing your dick farther between your butt cheeks .
                          Experiment with the pressure and erection percentage until you get used to it.
                          Also you kind of gently rock backwards to move pressure toward the glans.
                          I hope that helps a little


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                            Also after about 3 weeks I can almost lift my feet off the floor now that I'm used to it somewhat. And erect about 75-80 %. Trust me . When you get to that pressure level; your dick will look so much wider you can't believe it....but still no pain. But if you go too far like that , like 20 minutes , my dick didn't hurt ; but it was so tired , EQ was hard to maintain for a couple of days.


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                              It just occurred to me that if you have giant balls maybe they could get in the way . So if that's the case either stretch the sack more or maybe in an extreme case build a narrower ledge to do it on. ? Its worth it. And it really feels good. I look forward to it.!!