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so far, there is always a comment.

-oh my god
-oh wow it's biiig
-so that's why you walk around like you're the shit all the time huh

things of that nature

I'm 7.6x6.5 (starting and current stats, haven't gained anything yet)

funny, when I was 17, about to lose my virginity, i chickened out because I thought she would think my dick was too small. I never thought about my dick size until then, and then it hit me like "damn what if I'm small".. My only point of reference was dicks in porn.

Then I went home and googled, and felt great about my dick but then felt terrible cause I could've fucked like a champ the night before.

Now I want to get to the point where she's seriously questioning if she can take it.

At 6.5", if that is meg, you are bigger or equal to most guys in porn. That should be obvious. If it's base girth it should still be close.