It seems like a woman (or a man) could "jelg" their partner's cock during sex through understanding PE principles with their vulva muscles or mouth so they could both benefit from the love making session. Everything you can do with your hands (jelqing, ballooning, etc.) you can do with a pussy or mouth if you you know how and what to do. It is really part of what good sex is usually but could be targeted for dual purpose. I have had some women grip my cock with their pussy and others just lay there. Then there are those that suck but could suck with real force and desire. Very few women I have been with know how to suck a cock well. You have to want to suck it (i'm Bi). It's an idea couples could pursue. Why not have a partner that helps build the equipment. 'Probably an emasculating concept to some men but why not engage your lover to help build the tools? Discuss PE with your lover (she or he) and explain the anatomy that's involved (not exactly romantic) but if you're honest with each other you should be able to. There is so much more that could be enjoyed if partners know thyself (their bodies, parts, and functions). Things like differences between precum and cum (where they come from, how the flavors and compositions vary). How a pussy can "squirt". What it is and what is not (wish I knew more about pussy, love to eat it). Differences between cut and uncut cocks, foreskins, smegma, the different tastes and how to handle them. I have learned so much that people should know about their bodies that would help them to have better sex and relationships. it's all so forbidden, we live in these bodies but we don't know how to use them. No one teaches us that, we have to learn it on our own.
Pull out your cock and stroke it, taste your precum (it's yummy) , and eat your own cum at least once, you'll learn alot that you need to know about yourself. Lay out in the sun nude and watch your balls pulse in the sun (in fact lay out in the sun a lot nude). We are blessed as beautiful beings. We should enjoy what God gave us as long as we do not hurt others in any way. Human sexuality is a gift from GOD that should be celebrated!