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Curious about my GF and her size. What is normal? Is ther a norm at all?

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    First and this will not go down well with the majority of you on here but you realllly have to stop expecting or needing to be the “biggest” a woman has been with. I get its hard concept but stop needing it, because it's a mind fuck. I don't need to be the thinnest women a man has been with in many cases i am probably the fattest.. I cant let that dictate my relations with the person, just cuz i am not the hottest body doesn't mean that its not the best sex. I'm probably not even the best sex but that person is choosing me for whatever reasons and they are wanting what I offer. Sooo just because its not the biggest dick she has had doesn't mean you cant be the best dick she's had or that she isn't enjoying the sex. The giggles don’t automatically mean she was laughing at your unit, It could simply be nerves as she talking about dick, she might have felt on the spot and said things that she in her heart didn't meanor she was awkwardly being honest about her past experiences. I have nervous giggles that have gotten me into problems in intimate moments. It does happen.

    Some women do have gaping fetishes, Its very rare not as common as what you see in porn... The average everyday vagina tends not to permanently stretch out with over use or stays stretched out from having big dick. If she is aroused then her vagina becomes more flexible, She might be hornier and self plays more than what you are use to..Sooooo maybe she is just more aroused than some of your previous girlfriends?More aroused by the dick you are about to give her, She might have been fantasizing about it all day... Not a bad way of viewing it right??

    She had a baby recently, that can take a while for the vagina muscles to recover, esp if she is older or even depending on genetics. Kegels are the way to restore, rebuild, maintain. In the mean time try different positions and ask her to squeeze her thighs together as you are in her. The closer her legs are together the tighter she will feel.

    Trust is one of the biggest killers of confidence when it comes to sex and intimacy in general. It doesn’t sound like you feel safe with her or trust her. She has given you reason to feel this way. Questions about the foundation of the relationship and the DNA of a child who could potentially be yours. . This will be playing into how you feel about your dick esp if there is cheating involved or a grey areas of commitment.

    It sounds like you know that you aren’t happy with the situation. So my question is, what is keeping you there with her? That is a question you need to work out because it will give you a lot of insight ..I can think of many things that it could be, but only you know, you and you know what it is..... Is it fears, its it a fantasy of a life, is it hope, is it to do with your esteem...???

    I can’t comment on if she is a bad person, or a pathological liar or run her down saying mean things since we are only hearing your feelings and view of things... Sometimes those things don’t even really matter, sometimes its just about how you feel and what you want for yourself..
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      Okay I missed her.
      The world's still a toy if you just stay a boy!


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        paternity test and dump her either way


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          Originally posted by CUSP82 View Post
          Okay I missed her.
          I've heard many a good thing about this lady among THE select group of fabled ladies on the board. Long gone are those days I presume... weren't these good? (Norwegian Wood).

          There I thought the air at PEGym was getting stifling arid and bro-angry when out of nowhere this raven-haired bird swoops down to the rescue and injects the place with a much needed breath of fresh air. Man, I don't think she'll be back anytime soon (that was just her passing by to say a quick hello and bye?)... but at least for the briefest moment, life felt reinvigorated!


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            have you left her already?