Dear reader, thanks for opening this thread and taking the time to read it.

I am on my Journey to Freedom, meaning that I am working on my Premature Ejaculation. As a result of it, I created some negative, destructive thoughts, which create a vicious circle. So these days I am working these thoughts in order to get them right and to have some thoughts which will support me and seem more realistic.

I would be realy thankful to hear from you girls and women, wheater this is appropriate or not. Do my new thoughts make more sense then my old once. Do they show the truth?

As I mentioned again, thanks for taking the time!


So I am focusing aside of relaxing my pelvic floor, also at a psycological change of thoughthabits. Which is the view of importance of penis-into-pussy-sex.

When I think of sex, I get excited. And then immediately I get kind of negative feelings, which come from the PremE. The next thought then is, that in order to fulfill my girlfriend (or another girl), I have to be satisfy her in bed and be able to give her good, wild sex. That I have to bang her for at least 25 minutes in order to get her satisfied at least for a minimum. Then the implication is, that if I dont satisfy her in bed, then there is something important missing in the relationship, which means she will not be satisfied totally in general while being in a relationship with me. And finally, this will lead her to braking up with me.

I whish, I could say "This is just stupid" or something, but I can't, since my limiting beliefs are still too strong.

So at least I know, that those thoughts won't bring me any further and will most likely cause the situation to get worse. Therefore I am focusing on changing my beliefs about sex. Which is, what I am working on these days aswell.

I want to change the thought to the following: Girls in general, but my girlfriend especially gets her satisfaction in sex 80% from emotions, connection and being united. She gets very aroused, when I get give her emotional stimulation while also touching her body. She likes it, when I take what I want and then seduce her. I can get her to come easylie without the use of my penis. I can give her a strong orgasm by fingering her, when I stimulate her emotionally at the same time. There are many ways, that she will be satisfied while I am not yet able to always last long enough to give her an orgasm with penetration of my penis.
Therefore she will be satisfied, even if not completely, in terms of sex.

Even leaving this aside, sex is not the most important thing in a relationship. Sex takes a role and must be handled to a certain amount. BUT: A relationship is not only, neither in the majority, evaluated by sex. There are far more important things a woman and a relationship needs in order to be solid and fulfilling for both partners. If those areas are handled well, the lack of total fulfillment in the area of sex can and will be compensated and does not even take nearly as much importance of a womens mind as a male mind would think.
Giving proof by myself - being a male with a stronger natural need for sex - I had a girlfriend who I was realy fulfilled with, even when she did not fulfil me all the time while having sex and handleing all my needs. I could see the whole picture and was very happy with her. I don't want to say, that this would never ever gotten a problem, but: maybe in some far future.
THIS BEING SAID: As I write this, I am working on my Premature Ejaculation, which means, that in the future I will have it handled to the extent, that I can fulfil her enough to get rid of the imbalance. So aslong as I am working on it, there is enough time to handle it until she even think about leaving me because of this lack.
Adding another proof: I have an long distance relationship at the moment. We did not have the chance to have a lot of time together before we got seperated. So the most of the time, while building fundamentels of our relationship was emotional - not physical. Of course we had some time together before and during the long distance relationship where we saw each other and had physical contact and lots of sex. And knowing all this, she sais, that she is overly fulfilled, happy, supported, and loved and that she wants to have a future together and that I am all she needs. Meaning, that a girl is to a mayor part satisfied by emotions, not mainly by physical contact and stimulation.

Summing this up:
If you handle the rest of your relationship well and fulfilling for both of you, the sexual part, espacially the part that you are suffering from Premature Ejaculation - AT THE MOMENT - and therefore can't have actual sex too long, will not threaten the relationship as long as you pay attention to satisfying her sexually creating emotions and some basic skills with her whole body and your whole body, espacially your hands, lips and toung.

Saying that at the end: Get confident that you are able to satisfy her in general and therefore enjoy the sexual experience you have with her. This will create a positive kind of vicious circle.


I am excited to hear your opinions about it!
(You can read that post also in my Journey)

Thanks very much for taking your time, I appreciate that greatly.