Towel Raise: Mastering the Kegel


Kegels (and Reverse Kegels to keep balanced pelvic floor muscles) are such an important part of any male enhancement routine.  They can literally be done anywhere and at any time, with no one being the wiser.

However, flexing those muscles to do a Kegel is really difficult to see, especially with your clothes on. In addition, when trying to hold a Kegel, it’s common for the muscles to loosen a little, without you even being conscious of it happening.

This is where the towel raises can come in handy. Towel raises give you a visual indication of when you Kegel. In addition, because you can vary the size and weight of the towel, you’ll get an even more intense Kegel workout. The weight of your towel is especially easy to adjust!  A wetter towel equals a heavier towel.

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